Never go by the cover of a book alone!

Since we were little children, our parents have instilled in us the importance of never making snap judgments about individuals based on their physical appearance. Unfortunately, there are still those who make snap judgments about others based on their appearance.

Luc Perreault is a huge, muscular man with a big, kind heart. He embodies many of the characteristics that have led others to label him as a terrible person as a motorcyclist, beer drinker, and tattoo enthusiast. The fact is that Luc is a gentle giant who aspires to dispel prejudices about motorcyclists and their lifestyle.

Luc never passes judgment on anybody since he understands that various individuals experience different challenges in their lives. As a result, he makes sure that he never offends anybody by not minding his own business.

However, he recently encountered a circumstance that was quite uncomfortable.

At Tim Horton’s, he was enjoying his morning cup of coffee when a little girl, who was in the coffee shop with her mother, approached him and said hello. Luc was touched by the gesture and responded with a kind greeting.

He felt the young girl had been reared correctly and that her mother would be pleased that her daughter was respectful and considerate. He, on the other hand, was completely incorrect.

The mother became quite enraged by the girl’s conversation with Luc, and she grabbed her by the shoulders and dragged her away. Even as they walked away, the unpleasant mother could be heard derogatorily referring to Luc as a “dirty biker.”

Luc was experiencing severe discomfort at the time. He was outraged and considered that the mother was wrong by educating the minor child to make snap judgments about others.

He proceeded to sip his coffee, but the woman’s remarks stayed with him throughout the day. So he decided to post a few things about her on Facebook to express how she had made him feel.