Outside her house, Velvet saw the trash truck had come to a rest. She was startled as each of the guys stepped out of the vehicle and began to walk towards her. They approached her. As soon as they revealed the truth about her spouse of 37 years, she broke down and started crying.

Velvet saw the trash truck come to a complete stop in front of her house. Unaware of what was going on, she stood there and watched as the guys stepped out of the vehicle and made their way towards her one by one. The truth about her spouse of 37 years was revealed at that point, causing her to fall into tears right then on the spot.

Charlie Poveromo was a kind and kind guy who never hesitated to provide a helping hand to people in need. He died in a car accident in 2007. Construction workers, sanitation employees, and even police officers found it difficult to remain calm and hydrated during the scorching summers in his nation. He saw that this was a problem for people in his country, including construction workers, sanitation workers, and police officers.

credit: facebook/velvet poveromo

To make it simpler for them to stay hydrated during the day, he decided to provide them with cold beverages.

Her husband used to hurry into the kitchen and get several disposable plastic cups and a large bucket, then put them outside to ensure that everyone had as much as they wanted. In fact, Charlie proceeded to do this every summer for the next eight years, completing the project.

credit: facebook/velvet poveromo

Once he saw that his concept was a good one and that it kept the employees happy and refreshed, he began purchasing water bottles, which he would place in the cooler along with plenty of ice to keep them cold and refreshing. His responsibility was to ensure that the cooler was constantly filled every day of the long, hot summer.

Charlie even included some juice bottles and snacks in addition to the water. And he did all of this solely based on his conviction that it was the proper thing to do. His wife claims that news of what Charlie did spread among the DPW staff, firefighters, and construction workers who would stop under the shade of Charlie’s tree to have a refreshing bottle of water when the sun was shining too bright.

credit: facebook/velvet poveromo

This summer, on the other hand, was different. The cooler had been moved away from the front of the home. Even though everyone was curious about what had occurred, no one suspected that the gentle guy was no longer alive and had died unexpectedly just before the summer season began.

His widow was still grieving the loss of her husband, and the cooler and water bottles were the last thing on her mind as she walked through the park. However, after she saw how significant this was to Charlie, she decided to continue the practice… She desired the employees to have a relaxing environment where they could unwind after a long day’s work. The pair had been married for 37 years, and his wife was well aware that Charlie would want her to continue performing good deeds for the rest of her life.

Upon returning home, she went to the shop and purchased several water bottles, which she placed in front of her home beneath a large tree, fully knowing that what she was doing would be an appropriate manner to remember her husband’s life. When the employees discovered the more incredible, they realized that it had been accompanied by a message telling them Charlie’s death. The dreadful news broke their hearts since they were well aware of his generosity and kindness.

Now, eight years after Charlie began giving them refreshments, these individuals realized they needed to do something to convey to Charlie’s wife their gratitude for everything he has done for them.


After hearing the distinct sound of the trash truck coming to a halt, I turned to see what had happened. I was taken aback as each guy got off the car, the driver stepped off to join them, and they saluted our house and me!! When they came up to me, one by one, they each grasped my hand, hugged me, and told me how very sorry they were and how no one had ever shown them the thoughtfulness and appreciation my husband had directed them, and then slowly, one by one, they each took a water bottle or two, climbed back into the truck and gave a loud beep as they drove away.”

credit: facebook/velvet poveromo

The “Charlie’s coolers” concept was born when other people learned about Charlie and his wife Velvet’s summertime tradition of providing hydration for other workers who were struggling to stay hydrated. As a result, many other people began doing the same thing, which became known as the “Charlie’s coolers” concept.

Whenever Velvet learns about other people putting coolers with cold water in public places, she is overjoyed because she feels that every one of them is a memorial to her late spouse.