What a joyous reunion it’s been!

It is no exaggeration to state that our military men and women make significant sacrifices while serving their nation and being stationed in far-flung locations. Consider the implications of missing out on such important occasions as birthdays, holidays, and celebrations, as well as, in many cases, losing out on seeing your kid grow up.

Many children are “robbed” of the chance to spend time with their military mother or father. Still, they are aware that there is a great deal at risk and that this includes the independence of our nation and the protection of its residents and their own.

The reunions with family and friends are the most excellent part of the deployment. Over the years, we’ve watched many heartwarming reunions between parents and their children, and the video below is perhaps one of the most heartwarming we’ve ever witnessed.

When Jordan, 24, and his fiancée Sophie Hatt, 22, agreed to tie the wedding. They were both well aware that Jordan would be absent for an extended period due to his military service. Sophie became pregnant three months after the marriage and gave birth to a lovely baby girl, whom they called Lily, three months after the wedding.

Jordan, on the other hand, was deployed when Lily was only a few days old. Even though he was forced to say goodbye to his small bundle of joy, he understood that duty had called, and he responded to that call.

In May 2021, the father returned to his home state of Florida, about a year after leaving.

The video that Sophie’s mother filmed has touched hundreds of people. “He felt guilty about abandoning me to raise our first kid, and I was dreading the prospect of being without him and raising our child on my own.”