Every day they thought no one would ever want them. Thus they spent their whole lives believing this. After that, they met the one who would always be there for them.

When individuals choose to adopt a child, most of them search for newborns or toddlers to adopt. Unfortunately, teens are often disregarded and are very seldom allowed to become members of a proper family environment.

When these youngsters reach the age of majority and are forced to leave their foster families, many find themselves homeless, unemployed, and insecure. This couple is struggling to move on and begin their new life together. Unfortunately, society’s image of these youngsters does not help to make matters any easier for them. They are most usually seen as troublemakers, and they are seldom granted a second opportunity.

credit: youtube/ aaskarizona

According to Sharon, the lady featured in the video below, millions of people have seen and shared that adopting teens is sometimes the finest choice a person can make.

credit: youtube/ aaskarizona

They are the adoptive parent of three teens who have encountered adversity in their early lives. Shantell, Chris, and Lex all had a difficult upbringing in their own families. As a consequence, they developed feelings of mistrust and insecurity. None of them imagined that a loving family would ever adopt them.

At the beginning of the film, Chris states that it was tough for him to inform his social worker when a foster home was not a suitable match for him.

credit: youtube/ aaskarizona

Shantell acknowledged that his first instinct was to flee anytime he got into problems. But that his new mother would always come to his rescue and assist him in getting through the situation.

Lex was not pleased with the fact that he had become a member of the family. He despised Sharon and was adamant about not wanting to be adopted. Over time, though, he discovered that Sharon actually cared for him and that she sincerely loved him. He is now happy and flourishing alongside his two brothers.

credit: youtube/ aaskarizona

All three of these gentlemen now contribute to the well-being of their communities.

For older children, Sharon invites people to follow her example and welcome them into their homes and hearts as they have done for her.

Take a peek at the heartwarming video shown below.