People like the McDaniels are desperately needed in our world.

We watch injustice perpetrated throughout our lives, and generosity is slowly becoming a word we hear less and less.

People who perform good actions, on the other hand, are still among us, and it is because of them that our confidence in humanity has been restored.

When they were younger, Henry and Harrison McDaniel would accompany their father, Shane McDaniel, into the woods to assist him in the harvesting of timber for fuel. This was never a source of concern for this diligent family. On the other hand, they view it as a beautiful opportunity to engage with one another while benefiting the community.

There was a severe storm in Lake Stevens, Washington, which resulted in many trees falling.

“I had a lot of timber that needed to be chopped due to storm damage and trees that had to be removed.” It simply kept building up and heaping up on top of itself. “Once the quantity of wood reached a certain threshold, we realized we could do something better with it,” Shane said.

This father and his boys came up with the most fantastic concept anybody could have ever thought. In particular, they decided to combine their hard labor with their kindness by providing firewood to people in need.

“The Pacific Northwest is a rough region, and it’s chilly and rainy,” they said to PEOPLE Magazine. Once I got started, I saw the urgency of the situation, and my eyes were opened. We began giving it free since so many people were stopping and asking where they might get it.”

Shane, Henry, and Harrison cut enough firewood to fill 80 trucks over seven months, beginning in March and ending in October 2018.

In the end, they had a lot of firewood leftover after giving it away to those who needed it the most. As a result, they turned to Facebook to spread the news and encourage others to join up if they were looking forward to having a warm and pleasant house during the cold winter months.

People who came across the message were taken aback by the gesture of compassion, which quickly spread around the community. Because so many people wanted to be a part of what the McDaniels were doing, they offered to distribute the firewood.

“It’s a very amazing sight to see. When you look at them, you can see this sense of pride and belonging that I don’t believe they had before,” Shane added.

The saying goes, “When you do good for others, they don’t forget it.” “I like assisting others.”

If only more individuals were of the same character as this family, the world would be better.