Her heart was touched by the words he said.

Little children have the purest of hearts, as do all children. We like being around them because they are never afraid to express their minds and are completely honest with us. Thus, they actually mean it when they say they love you.

The story of one police officer who was on the job and had an excellent interaction with a bit of child who was waiting for the school bus at a bus stop has gone viral. The youngster drew closer to officer Jan Dykes of the Louisville Metro Police Department. She approached the students and requested that she pray with him as they neared. Dykes was taken aback by the odd nature of the request and chose to join the tiny boy in his devotion. The words he said brought a smile to her face.

“He said, ‘I would want to pray for the safety of this officer.'” I met a new acquaintance. I genuinely hope she has a beautiful day, and I hope she makes a lot of people’s life better by attending school and meeting new people.’ “It was inspiring to think that this youngster was experiencing this much enthusiasm,” Dykes told WTVM, an ABC affiliate in Minnesota.

This experience left such a lasting impact on this officer that she went out of her way to track down the youngster after school was out. Still, she was unable to locate him at the bus stop.

She hasn’t figured out who the youngster was, but she is determined to find him out and express her gratitude to him for the prayer once again.

I got a lot of pleasure out of him wanting to do that for me,” Dykes expressed delight at his friend’s generosity. “People are always wondering, ‘How can you go and assist them?’ and it was good to see him wanting to go out of his way for me. It was heartening to watch someone so young and malleable be so optimistic and determined to be a light.”