The Christmas Parade in Waukesha was turned into a tragedy when an SUV plowed through the crowd, killing two people. Five persons died at the site, and the sixth victim, 8-year-old Jackson Spark, died in the hospital due to the severity of his injuries, according to the police report. Four of the persons who died were members of the amateur dancing company “Milwaukee Dancing Grannies,” which performed in the attack.

According to reports, approximately 60 people were believed to have been hurt. According to reports, thirteen of them are youngsters, with six still in serious condition.

Darrell Brooks, 39, a registered sex offender, was charged with a heinous crime in Waukesha on November 11. Brooks was released from prison on a $1,000 bond on November 11, only hours before the horrific conduct. The reason behind this remains a mystery.

And, as the entire country mourns the deaths of those who were brutally murdered, one particular man is stepping in to help the bereaved families of those who were killed.

J.J. Watt, a defensive end with the Arizona Cardinals, has volunteered to pay all of the expenditures associated with the funerals and memorial services.

Journalist Cory Jennerjohn said on Twitter that “J.J. Watt is paying the burial fees for everyone who lost their lives in the Waukesha Christmas Parade.” “Wow, what an incredible gesture. He has a tremendous amount of heart.”

The fact is that this is not the first time Watt has shown charity to a stranger who needs assistance. He is well-known for having a heart of gold and for being unselfish. In 2017, he successfully raised $37 million for individuals who had been afflicted by Hurricane Harvey. As he approaches his 32nd birthday, he is doing all in his ability to be the change he wishes to see in the world.

According to him, “whatever you accomplish on the field pales in contrast to what you do off the field.” When it comes down to it, if I’m known as a football player, and mainly a good football player, and that’s all I’m remembered for, I’ve done a lousy job in my life.

Watt came to Twitter after the tragedy in Waukesha to express his grief and give condolences to the victims’ families.

In an email, he added, “I’m just now witnessing what occurred during the Christmas parade back home in Waukesha tonight.” “These are horrifying sights. I hope that everyone will be well and that those not involved are safe. Thanks to everyone who sprang into action and provided assistance to the injured.”