His gesture of goodwill made a big difference!

We frequently talk about the need to extend compassion and a helping hand to those in need, but how many of us are genuinely ready to step in for someone who is less fortunate or finds themselves in trouble?

Teo Jordan is an 18-year-old high school student who taught us about humanity and compassion. This young guy doesn’t have a lot of money. In reality, he’s working at his neighborhood Kroger grocery store to aid his family during these dire times for mankind when the epidemic shuttered a significant number of workplaces and left millions unemployed and even homeless. He’s also saving for an automobile.

Source: YouTube – WCPO 9

However, being in a dire circumstance didn’t prevent him from doing good for a total stranger shopping at the grocery store where he works.

Namely, while on the job, Teo noted that one of the clients was short of money and couldn’t pay for his choices. The cashier informed him that he needed to return some of the products. Then, Teo decided to give the guy the $35 bucks he was missing.

Source: YouTube – WCPO 9

“I saw I wanted to aid the person. I observed that he didn’t have the money for all the desired items. The clerk informed him he would have to put a portion of the stuff back, so I just thought in my brain I would give him this $35, so he could have all the food that he wants,” the young guy told WLWT.

It was a magnificent gesture of compassion that didn’t go ignored.

Teo’s coworkers complimented his gesture and spread the joyful news around. When Teo’s mom learned what her son achieved, she said: “I am proud of Teo. I’m overcome with delight. You try to inculcate in your kids good and wrong, but you don’t know whether they grasp, so yeah, I’m extremely proud,” as per WLWT. Many of the individuals who came onto the tale of compassion and hope volunteered to donate Teo some money for the automobile he was planning to purchase and pay him for his excellent gesture

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His parents put up a GoFundMe campaign which collected $3,345.

However, it wasn’t all. Teo’s school, Covington Independent Public Schools, stated on their Facebook page that the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority granted Teo $1,000 to assist him with his university tuition.

We are delighted the tale of Teo’s action went around since it acts as a glimmer of optimism amid these terrible times we are all through.