A few years ago, Army Lieutenant Jonathan Rozier (Jonathan Roziers) paid the ultimate price in Iraq while defending the country. His wife, Jessica, was entirely shocked by the news. That’s understandable. But she must do her best to survive that devastating period. That way, she can raise her nine-month-old son Justin.

Growing up, Justin didn’t remember his father he was still very young when he was taken away. But this connection is always there. He felt it, and he knew it was a connection he would always think because life without his father was difficult.

As soon as he was fifteen, Justin became more enthusiastic about his father and told his mother that he really wanted to own something significant to him. Such as a car he drove at school. For a lifetime … any of these cars.

Jessica knew it wasn’t possible because she sold the last car she owned after her husband died to take care of her young children and make ends meet. Justin felt sorry for this but knew it was a long shot anyway but was well aware that so much time had passed.

Jessica could see the sadness on his face. Still, she couldn’t get back the old 1999 Toyota Celica convertible that her husband drove. It weighed heavily on her heart and on her heart. A few days later, Jessica decided to post some content about it on Facebook.

Some of her felt she was wasting time, but she had to try another part of her thought. So it was … posted … an old photo of the car with information about it and why it’s so essential for Jessica to get it back.

I hope many people just read this article and Jessica will find it. But there are one … of the thousands of people who have seen her post, one … he wants to find the car for Jessica.

He didn’t want to find her a copy of the car. He tried to find a car owned by Jessica’s husband. The man is Kyle Fox, and Kyle is very determined. It happened that this determined man found what he was looking for. The late Lieutenant’s car was entirely determined by the VIN number as he owned many years ago.

Kyle then accepted a donation to buy a car from the current owner. He knew the story behind the car, so he took the time to work on the vehicle and found a mechanic who would make it look new.

At the same time, Kyle told Jessica that he found it and bought it, and she was very excited. They kept Justin a little secret and waited for the right time.

As the time approached, Kyle drove Celica from Utah to Texas and handed him a car to Justin on his 16th birthday. Justin was shocked when his mother, surrounded by other families, told Justin that his father’s old car was heading for the driveway. He lost his word as soon as he got in the car.

Credit: CBS NEWS

“For him, it was a connection to the past,” Jessica added in tears and had to see the old car parked on the driveway again.