The things you do today, good or bad, may come after you at any time. Everything you do will cost and add value to your life.

Kenny, Kenneth, and Kevin Dancy, the three brothers, with their friend Andrew Daniels were performing the best action they could do.

These four boys were living in the 7 Mile area of Detroit.

They went over and beyond to rescue a dog in need of help.

On the day of the incident, they were heading, to a house, helping a local woman who happened to be moving house.

On their way, they saw something that would shock anyone.

They saw a dog was abandoned and tied into the back of a house with a bungee cord. The dog was shivering and emaciated. The poor little soul was in bad condition due to the climate.

The boys acted so fast. They covered the dog in a winter coat to keep her warm before releasing her.

They planned to take her home and feed her, even named the dog Sparkle.

While walking Sparkle out from the scene, boys met; members of the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue; they told the whole story to them.

When they saw Sparkle, they believed the dog was suffering from mange. So as soon as they took the dog to veterinary care.

Lately, the organization posted a FB video, mentioning the boys as heroes with heartful gratitude.

The organizations’ founder, Theresa Sumpter, told WDIV, the boys loved this dog. They were protective and caring for him and wanted to make sure the dog was going to a good place.

After Sparkle’s checking, it proved that she is not suffering from mange. They put her on adoption.

A sister Organization; of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, named Pet Tales Rescue, helped Sparkle to get a foster mom, where she can have love and caring.

Meantime, the four young boys went to rescue two more dogs in the same neighborhood.

Again via Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, they took the dogs from the streets to the vet for treatment.

These little boys won everyone’s heart for their attempt to rescue abandoned dogs. They received widespread praise for their kindness.

The organization mentioned that they couldn’t believe the act of these little children. Their love and care for innocent animals are respectable. These little children are a shining example for all of us,