The fiesta de quince años is a big celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday in Latin America. It highlights the moment a girl transitions into womanhood.

It is celebrating as a family affair filled with food, dancing, and beautiful dresses. Of course, the girl is wearing charming dresses considering her independence at this age.

Olivia living in Cuba, while enjoying her day photo-shoot, unexpected inviters were come and steal the show.

She was doing her photo session outside on the beautiful streets of Matanzas in Cuba. Suddenly a stray dog approached her and decided to get in on the action.

Regardless of wearing a beautiful dress, Olivia let the stray hound climb and sat down on her lap. The dog was so happy to get some attention

A picture, Olivia’s joyful face with her new colleague was posted on FB and went viral. The post attracted thousands of comments of congratulations and love for these two. That was splendorous.

Many people were beginning to talk about this incident. They focused on street hounds and their growing numbers. Many street dogs get their ID badge number with their information.

After Olivia’s incident, it has helped find some of the new homes for the dogs.