Not only is its food delicious, but it also offers free meals to those who can’t afford the prices of other restaurants.

When someone is made well-known they have the power to influence the positive changes that need to take place. That is the nature of the world.

If you can not think of such an amazing, very kind person, John Bon Jovi, one of the greatest and most beloved musicians of our time, can show you what he does for Americans in need.

The great good deeds he does will change the lives of many in a very special way and everyone will talk about his loving heart.  Bon Jovi’s Community Kitchen is always open to tens of thousands of innocent people who can’t afford a delicious hot meal, and it’s no secret that his restaurants feel like their home. Truly that experience they get is so amazing.

In 2016, the John Bon Jovi Soul Foundation marked the beginning of the fight against homelessness and poverty, and the music star and his wife seem to be winning it.

Their first restaurant opened in 2011 and if you had the chance to go there, you would see that there aren’t prices listed on the menus. The reason for this uniqueness is that Seoul Kitchen is very different from any other restaurant there.

Not everyone expects to be paid for what they receive. For that is its general methodology. You will find it amazing. But this is a fact.  Customers who are unable to buy their food have the option of voluntarily choosing any restaurant instead.

However, those who have money to buy food are encouraged to donate $ 20 by themselves and help pay for the rest of the customers’ food.

Their first restaurant is located on the banks of the Red River in New Jersey, an amazing place, and the second restaurant opened in 2016 on the Tom’s River, a beautiful area of ​​New Jersey, and the third restaurant opened this year on the campus of Rutgers University.

Speaking to NBC Knightley News, Bon Jovi explained why they chose the university as the best place to put their third restaurant. “We now understand that there were hungry college kids. “It simply came to our notice then. Rutgers embraced the concept. His wife, Dorothea, continued with the innocent pride of her husband. How humane his thoughts are?  Indeed, he is a very loving man.

According to SOUL Kitchens’ website, 54% of the food they provide is donated and the rest is volunteered.

For those who choose to volunteer, the foundation will provide vocational training, life coaching, financial training, and legal advice.

These specialty restaurants do not make any changes or reservations but use the first-come, first-served basis. They added that those who have to fight a lot financially will be given priority there.

The food they serve is very tasty, quality, and nutritious. The course also consists of three series of meals. Soup or salad is usually served first, and the main course is fish, meat, or vegetarian. Finally contains a delicious dessert. Most importantly, the food is prepared by professional chefs with fresh ingredients harvested from the restaurant’s garden.

SOUL Kitchen further describes it as  “a place where individuals or families can come to eat a delicious farm-to-table meal in a warm, welcoming setting and meet our neighbors.”

Everyone hopes that Bon Jovi and his wife will continue to receive the help of other powerful people for such noble deeds and that they will be a real inspiration. Indeed, this work is invaluable and excellent.