Children do not enter foster care because of their faults. Most of the time, they have been abused, neglected, or abandoned and are incapable, continue to live safely with their families.

Due to these reasons, today, many children are being ended up within the foster care system. The saddest thing that happens is when siblings place in foster care.

Most of the parents who are looking for adoption are seek for one child. Therefore the most dangerous thing that would ever happen was these siblings might be separated. And a few of them may never get an opportunity to see each other.

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Carlos (14), Guadalupe (13), Maria (12), Selena (10), Nasa (9), and Max (7), were six siblings who were left for care. These little cuties had a rough start from their early life and, it wasn’t easy.

They never wanted to urge parted, but their future was questionable.

They can’t decide for themselves.

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On May 23, 2019, a Pennsylvania couple, Steve Anderson-McLean and Rob Anderson-McLean of Pittsburgh decided to adopt a toddler.

These six children were feature on a website in Ohio State. After seeing their picture, parents were fell in love to adopt all of them. They said that, were inspired to adopt siblings after seeing a story on TV about another couple who did an equivalent.

The couple decided to adopt all six children because they wanted them to be together.

Luckily, in June 2018, all six siblings got a home under the care of new parents. They were happy because they could live together.

After the first week, children asked their parents that, can they might stay forever. That was so adorable, said Steve.

They took them to the park and zoo. They played in the yard and have fun. All these are new to the children and, they were enjoying their new life happily.

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Meantime the adoption process was carrying on. All were wishing that the family will stick together forever. Luckily the adoption was officialized in 2019. Spending 1640 days in foster care, these sisters and brothers were able to gain protection and care from a loving couple.

The adoption moment was tearful for the family as they were all together hereafter. Those that are witnessing the moment at the court shed tears of joy for the new family.

Children were emotional as they felt enormous relief and a sense of security.

The parents were blessed enough to own six children at once.

Still, these kids couldn’t believe that they were officially adopted. One night 7-year-old Max went to Steve and asked If they will unadopted them in the future. Steve assured him now they’re their children and nobody can ever separate them.

Less than a year later, all six siblings got Anderson-McLean’s name and two loving dads.