Sending out invitations and preparing for a group of children you’re not sure will show up can be difficult when planning a birthday party for your child.

One mother was so disappointed with the number of children who cared to join her son’s birthday party that she had to ask for help from her local police officers.

Norfolk Police officers were more than pleased to help the poor mom, and four of them showed up to her son’s birthday celebration for a Nerf ball battle.

Tyler’s aunt, Cat Vaughan, posted the exciting event on Facebook. Many people were interested in this unusual birthday celebration, and people in Norfolk, Virginia, showed up to Tyler’s Nerf battle.


Four officers arrived to play with the children and took photographs until some other call came in.

“This is something these youngsters will remember for the rest of their lives,” the boy’s aunt remarked. “This easy 10 minutes of fun with our police brightened up their whole day.”

The Norfolk Police Department also took photos of this joyful session and posted them on Facebook.

“When the officers arrived, the smiles and applause were off the charts!” the post stated.

“His parents told us that he’s still talking about the nice policemen that came to his celebration. Thank you very much to our policemen for making this young man’s day so memorable!”

A fantastic gift by our boys in uniform, who continue to go above and beyond to serve our community. Tyler, happy birthday.

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