These difficult times have made us selfish, and we have forgotten that there are needy people out there seeking help. But we only focus on doing everything we can to look after ourselves and our families.

Nathan Simons, a 9-year-old boy who did a wonderful thing to aid his local homeless shelter, is here to remind us of the kindness we must continue to show to others.

From Rock Island, Illinois, Nathan enjoys watching YouTube videos like any other kids his age, much to his father, Ethan’s annoyance.

But when his father discovered his son had found a video on YouTube which inspired him to donate all of his personal savings to a local homeless shelter, his worries were gone.

The little fourth-grader was inspired after watching a YouTube video of people donating money to homeless shelters.

“A couple of hours later, after I finished watching the video, I told my dad, ‘I want to do what they did,'” is what Nathan told CBS Local.

Little Nathan then contacted his local shelter and requested a list of the supplies they needed. He then went to their local bank with his father, and both of them withdrew $150 each from their accounts.

Nathan’s money included all of his savings from the past 18 months.

Nathan purchased shoes, gloves, barbecue sauce, hot sauce, and snacks like pop and cookie cakes, as requested by the shelter. Nathan said that “It makes me feel happy and proud of myself.”

Cindi Gramenz, the shelter’s development coordinator, greeted them and told Nathan, “You realise you’re doing a wonderful thing?” You are helping a lot of people.

According to the Epoch Times, she said that “To feel that type of compassion for the service we do and understand what’s going on in his neighborhood at the age of nine is quite amazing.”

Nathan’s father was so proud and shared his son’s generous act on Facebook, saying, “I can’t help it. I have to brag on my kids when they do great things.”

“An important lesson taught by a small boy with a big heart”

“I hope at least a few are encouraged by this good deed and will do the same,” commented a Facebook user. Another person said, “You’re raising a fantastic young man there, Ethan.”

One user reminded all of the genuine value of giving at such a young age by saying, “Nathan has learned, the joy of giving is way better than the joy of receiving!” Nathan’s growing heart taught that showing compassion for others is essential indeed!”

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