The innocent teen who came to the grave of his mother, whom he lost many years ago, said of his greatest milestone,

“I know you’d be so proud of me and so happy and I love you so much.”

What a sensitive statement? Can you even think of a life without parents when you have parents who always receive their love & care? It will be a very painful as well as very bitter experience for you. I’m not talking about your adulthood but talking about your youth. We all make many mistakes and go through the most important milestones in life when we are young.

When you celebrate those precious moments with your parents, your heart is refreshed when you are with them often. And especially you will not feel lonely.

But think for a moment about those who do not receive that love. Can they be as happy as we are That is why parental love is so important. When left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.

In 2010, a teen with special needs lost his most precious possession in this world, his beloved mother. He had to fight alone in this society without her love, care, and any support. Despite all these things and the many challenges that came to his life, he was good enough to graduate from high school  Yes, indeed, he persevered in that challenge and won a resounding victory. And he won it brilliantly.

So he went to her grave the day he graduated, dressed nicely, and bought a beautiful bouquet to share with his dearest friend, who had passed away, the joy of reaching a very important turning point in his life.

Source: YouTube/ RM Videos

“I did it, I graduated today and I know you’d be so proud of me and so happy and I love you so much,”   He left a bouquet and told his beloved mother.

The video surprisingly touched many hearts. Many people congratulated him on his amazing victory. “This young man is lovely, I bet your mother was cheering you on from heaven buddy. You did great, congratulations on your graduation,” one person wrote this proudly.

Surely her mother was watching him from heaven. That loving woman will smile happily at all his accomplishments. But we hope that no one will suffer such losses. Everyone is sure to receive Mother Nature’s love.

Source: YouTube/ RM Videos

This very sensitive video of him talking to his dead mother is truly heartbreaking.