Deputy Jeremie Nix had just finished a shift at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in Ocala, Florida. They were driving a police car home when stopped by a crazy woman in another car.

The woman told the deputy sheriff that her child Kingston was not breathing and needed help. Knicks’ lieutenant immediately pulled the police car to the side of the road.

After urgently calling the coordinator to dispatch medical staff, he immediately got out of the car. He started working for a three-month-old child, but he did not respond and hardly breathed. The lieutenant tried to revive Kingston Jr. for about a minute, but it didn’t work.

So when I got back in the car with my baby. I reminded the dispatcher not to wait for the doctor and took the little boy alone half a mile away from the hospital’s emergency room.

A few seconds later, Knicks’ lieutenant drove to the emergency room, ringing lights and sirens. The doctor took the boy to his side and said he would recover completely.

It’s unclear what happened to Kingston, but doctors said the boy was still alive today because he acted on his behalf. Kingston’s mother, Nichole Crowell, praised Nix agent and God for saving his son.