“Age doesn’t matter, and gender doesn’t matter, race doesn’t matter, they still choose to love each other, despite what others around them do.”

Helping each other when we need it most is what keeps us alive.

A woman named Darien Middleton told an exciting story about her grandmother, who she called Nana, and a boy nearby.

Nana has lived in the same house for over 38 years and will not change it with any changes. She refused to live with Darien, even when she was diagnosed with cancer, and said that all her memories were there. Most importantly, she loves the community and knows that people living nearby can help her whenever she needs it.

source: love what matters/ darrien middleton

Darien, a nurse and a full-time student, doesn’t have much time to meet Nana as she wishes but knows that her grandmother is cared for by her neighbors, including Caleb, seven years old.

“Nama and Caleb met for the first time as Nana cooked other food for him. I think Nana gave him a $ 100 bill. He was very grateful and grateful for the steak dinner. “Masu,” shared Darien and Love, What Matters.

Since that encounter, Caleb has visited the old lady five times a day to make sure she has everything she needs. Nana even helps Darien every time she receives chemotherapy.

source: love what matters/ darrien middleton

He’s not very old, but you can see that he grew up in love. He dances the dance steps with a heartbeat and keeps telling how much he loves school and makes you cry. This kid makes you cry. The love I got from this article. He stands out from everyday life and brings great joy to the lives of everyone around him. I love him and my grandmother. I am very grateful to you.

I’m sure it helped her in her most difficult days. He never knows how much I respect him. I hope one day he realizes that he has influenced her and my life, “Darien writes about this special boy.

source: love what matters/ darrien middleton

Pictures of Nana and Caleb sitting together on the porch became popular and became synonymous with friendship. “Age doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter, race doesn’t matter, they choose to love each other despite what others around them do,” Darien finished her post.

Unfortunately, Nana died, but she spent her old age surrounded by love.

Thanks for making such a significant change in this woman’s life.

So spread your kindness all over the world with great love. Then the whole world will undoubtedly be a very wonderful place.