The story of Joshua Durand

(Some of you will never see my very realistic and unfiltered side)

I’m a wasteland firefighter and have just returned from 60 days of work. We will ship for another 30 days tomorrow.

I usually have excellent resistance to wildfires. When I saw the flame, I ran towards it. After a while, our brave men and women become addicted indulges in the fight for the honor that accompanies it. I’m usually not afraid.

However, from today onwards, when I saw Rogue Valley, it really burned out. I’m scared of what will happen next. I’m afraid to sleep because many of my friends may not be good. Know what you’re calling. The place where it was home is destroyed, and you’re sent elsewhere to feel more desperate.

If you are my friend, I wish you a smooth trip this summer. I fought the first official wildfire of the season in California in February. And I hope to fight to the end! !! I won’t stop wearing it or not until the fire goes out. Do not worry. I will never do that.