Rodney Smith was only 15 years old when he saw an older man struggle to mow his lawn.

After helping the old person by mowing his lawn, the Alabama student was inspired to mow the lawns of as many elderly citizens as possible, mainly focusing on the elderly, veterans, disabled persons, and single mothers.

As a result, an organization was formed that assists those in need throughout the United States and inspires other children to do the same.

Rodney, the founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service, has motivated over 700 children from all 50 states to take up the beautification challenge of mowing 50 lawns in their neighborhood.

He sends them a new colored t-shirt for every ten yards mowed until they reach a black t-shirt in lawn mowing.

The organization’s tagline is “Making a difference, one lawn at a time,” and it was established in 2015 while the Bermuda native was a student at Alabama A&M University.

A more significant need than ever before exists to provide a helping hand during the present pandemic. In Rodney’s neighborhood, he and other kind-hearted neighbors are giving free meals and supplies to veterans, the elderly, single mothers, and individuals with disabilities.

Rodney is able to mow people’s lawns and drop off essential supplies at their doors thanks to donations from others as part of a service he calls “mow and drop.”

Rodney told that People have been donating money for hand sanitizer, fresh fruit, water, toilet paper, and other supplies for people who are unable to leave their houses.

Rodney has utilized social media to connect with those in need in his town and beyond, and instead of hugging the residents after mowing his lawn, he now takes a selfie with them.

He maintains his modesty about his excellent work, telling Fox 17 News that he is “simply a man on a mission from God.”

Meanwhile, Rodney’s 50-state mowing tour has been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, and he remains active in his community.

“I’m just mowing and doing what I do best: helping others,” he explained.

He’s an incredibly inspiring individual. Rodney, thank you for your service and for motivating so many young people to give back!

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