Friends until the end

The most, unlike friendships, are also the loveliest ones. Deacon Ross, a beautiful 2-year-old boy, became friends with garbage collector Oladele Olurunrinu, also known as O’Dee.

Every Friday, O’Dee takes up the trash from the Ross family. That is when this fantastic friendship sparked. The toddler used to look forward to seeing his favorite pal.

Source: YouTube/ Humankind

“His connection with O’Dee only started recently. Summer, Deacon’s mother, told WFAA ABC 8 that her son “looks forward to Fridays.” “I believe this is Deacon’s first friend with whom he truly knows the meaning of true friendship.”

When someone asks Deacon who his best friend is, he screams, “Oooooo Deeee!” In fact, he enjoys being with O’Dee so much that he wants his future brother to be called like that.

Source: YouTube/ Humankind

O’Dee often finds Deacon waiting for him in front of his Texas house, but he had no idea how fascinated the small boy was with him. He said that he didn’t know, but he saw it.

Unfortunately, the Ross family will be relocating to a larger house shortly, which means Deacon and O’Dee will no longer see each other.

When Deacon saw his pal for the last time, he shouted, “O’Dee! Him coming! Him coming, him coming. Collect our garbage!”

Summer decided to host a farewell party for O’Dee as a way of expressing her gratitude. Deacon couldn’t wait to present O’Dee and his colleagues the packages she had prepared with gifts and candies.

Source: YouTube/ Humankind

The two friends had a wonderful time for the last time, and O’Dee expressed how much he will miss Deacon after they leave.

The farewell party was very hard on Summer, and she said that “I was crying the whole time. I’m just trying to enjoy the moment.”

Source: YouTube/ Humankind

One person who works as a waste management driver came across this fantastic story and took the time to leave a comment. He wrote, “As a waste management driver, I can tell you from my personal experience that when the little kids come out and talk to us, watch the truck, give us drinks and snacks, it is the best part of my day. I enjoy brightening their day with the air horn or letting them watch the truck “eat the trash,” as they say.

Kids have hearts of gold. They don’t judge people, and they stay where there is love. As grown-ups, there’s so much to learn from this story. Share this story, and take the initiative to inspire someone else.