19-year-old sister brings her special-needs twin brother to his senior prom

As Carlos Colon’s senior prom approached, he was looking forward to attending but was frustrated by the fact that he had no girlfriend.

The 19-year-old, who is blind and has autism, had recently graduated from Haverhill High School in Massachusetts, which is no small achievement.

Carlos’s identical twin sister Brianna stepped in when she found out he didn’t have a date for his senior prom.

“He can still enjoy life despite his visual and cognitive impairments and autism. According to Boston 25 News, Brianna remarked, “I’m thrilled he got to experience it, and he danced a lot, so I’m happy he went and all that.”

Due to the epidemic, Brianna missed her senior prom last year, but she got to go this year.

“I’m glad to have experienced it this time with him and someone that I love very much,” Bryant University first-year Brianna told Boston 25 News.

Jomay Colon was entirely behind her children.

“Brianna came up to me and was all like, why shouldn’t he go? She said that not being able to see or understand the world shouldn’t prevent him from attending the prom.

These identical twins are remarkable; they barely weighed a pound and a half when they were born at 24 weeks. Just hours after his birth, Carlos had a cerebral hemorrhage and was blind. He would spend the next five months in the hospital.

These siblings have overcome incredible odds since birth, and they celebrated their success on prom by dancing the night away.

The Life Skills Program at Haverhill High School will keep Carlos there until he becomes 22, even though he recently graduated from there. The Perkins School for the Blind is on his list of potential future educational institutions.

His experience was described as “the best period of his life.”

A Haverhill sister takes her autistic 19-year-old brother to his high school prom.

These two siblings are really an inspiration; not only are they intelligent and hardworking, but their enormous hearts and extraordinary commitment to one another will help to shield them from harm throughout their lives.