Man angry with girlfriend for not naming him on house title, then he pops a big surprise


A lady battled her unfaithful partner, who insisted on inheriting her money and turned to Redditors for advice on handling the situation.

This lady recounts the argument when the guy discovered that her parents would inherit the house where they both resided if she passed away.

According to the author, he lost his cool when she uncomfortably “tied him” to her money because she wasn’t married. However, the plot takes an unexpected turn.

A lady in her 30s posted about her marital problems on Reddit around three years ago in an attempt to get advice on how to handle a difficult circumstance.

To set the scene, the original poster (OP) states that her three-year-old boyfriend had lived with her in the house she bought before they even started dating for the past eighteen months.

She says the down payment she saved $42,000 for is now equity “that he had no part of.”

Her partner, also in his 30s, contributes $400 of her $1200 monthly mortgage payment; she pays the remaining balance.

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We both talk about how this is it for our relationship and are content in our 30s. We intend to stick with it through. “The only issue is that I want to get married, but he doesn’t,” she continues. Marriage is crucial. He seems to be between the states of “not ready” and “commitment as far as marriage is stupid, so why bother?” based on our recent conversations.

She gives in to her desires and continues, saying that she will “take marriage off the table” since she loves him enough.

Grieving ‘In style’ 

When the OP was reading over her insurance documents, she joked that her parents might grieve her “in style” in the event of an accident. This remark quickly escalated into trouble.

“My parents will be really comfortable if I die, especially in an accident,” the writer writes. They may pay me tribute in style.

Then, to allow him to grieve her passing properly, her boyfriend proposed that she amend her insurance policy to include him as a beneficiary.

As she puts it, “I said no.” Not at all. I assured him that I would never give benefits to anyone who is not related to me by blood or by law. I promised to add him later if he ever decides he wants to be married to me, but for now, my insurance will stay the same.

She emphasises that she purchased the home before their meeting and continues, saying, “I would never add him to the title without marriage.”

Her boyfriend branded her an “a*****e” and said that she was “holding marriage as a ‘bargaining chip,” taking offence at her unwillingness to modify the house’s ownership.

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“We never have to get married, but I don’t feel comfortable tying him to my finances before we’re married,” she continues.

The original poster begs Redditors for guidance, asking what she should do.

One netizen says, “You might as well get married so there’s a clear-cut way to untangle everything if you split.” This is because if you’re going to purchase property together, open bank accounts, and act like you’re married, you might as well be married.

One user summarises the bulk of responses by saying, “If marriage is just a piece of paper, then a title deed to a piece of property is, too.”

Going on a Hike

The original poster provided an update a few days later. It thanked Redditors for their advice and revealed that her boyfriend had attempted to pass off his desire to be included on her insurance as a “joke.”

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He said he genuinely believed I was exaggerating it in response to his “no to marriage” remarks. He added that although I don’t need to put him on anything, he needs to realise that I am the one for him. He desires to live his life beside me.

The author said that despite his dubious motivations, the two tried to get past their differences.

After spending a pleasant weekend hiking and arriving at several waterfalls, he took out an envelope and gave it to her.

“When I open it, I see a jewellery store receipt. Though it was early August (before our conversations in which he declared he would never want to get married), I noticed that he had circled and underlined the date of purchase, which perplexed me. “I turn, and there he is, holding a ring,” she says. Yes, I replied.

Since moving into her house, her fiancé had been saving extra money to purchase the ring with the additional amount he had because of his lower living costs. He embellished the insurance conversation to hide his intentions and keep his trail cold.

He claimed to have known that I would never think he had the ring before without the receipt. He requested a fall proposal in a stunning setting because it’s my favourite time of year.

“We will designate each other as beneficiaries on our insurance plans after marriage. We also determined that even when we are married, there is no need to add him to my title.

Most Redditors, however, were letting out a sigh of relief.

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“Oh my goodness, what a stupid way to bury a project. But later on, this will make a fantastic tale, and I’m sure you two will laugh a lot about it. I’m glad things went well,” a cybernaut writes. “Oh my god, this story was adorable, and the boyfriend was both adorable and stupid,” says the second.

Contrary to what one user said, the matter should have been addressed more “mature”.

“I didn’t find it cute. It isn’t brilliant and shy. Marital plans should be discussed in advance by responsible individuals. Although the specifics of your proposal may be unexpected, the decision to make one should never be.