Baby found near dumpster is now the CEO of company valued at over $62 million

Most individuals on our planet begin their lives by being welcomed into a warm and supportive family when they are born. From the very beginning, we are provided with excellent care and the resources we need to perform at a high level.

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Unfortunately for Freddie Figgers, who was 32 then, his luck did not hold up. In fact, his life is anything from typical in any way.

Because she did not want a child, Figgers’ biological mother abandoned him on the sidewalk when he was a young child.

He claims, “My mother basically dumped me in the garbage like a piece of trash.”

He said, “I really have no business being here at all.”

However, Nathan and Betty Figgers had their hearts set on having a son, so they decided to try again with Freddie. They did the right thing by taking care of Freddie, their foster kid, and giving him the second opportunity he desperately needed.

In an article published on Figgers’s website, he made the following statement: “It’s fantastic that you can meet individuals like that since I’ve never met my real parents.” “I’ve never been intrigued.”

As Figgers grew older, it became evident that he had a talent for deciphering the inner workings of various technological equipment. Before he was ten years old, he started disassembling and reassembling a computer that his dad gave him in 1989.

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After that, when he was only 12 years old, he landed his first job working as a computer technician. Only three years later, he began creating a cloud database in his own garden, which ultimately led to him being his own employer.

Even though Figgers never attended college, by the time he was an adult, he had already established his own communications business under the name Figgers Communications.

In one of his videos on YouTube, he explains that he is now the founder and CEO of Figgers Wireless, a black-owned telecoms business with a market value of approximately $62.3 million that you may or may not be familiar with.

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Figgers has also been allowed to test some of his imaginative concepts. When he was young, he began producing items to assist his adoptive father, who had Alzheimer’s.

Because Figgers hid a two-way communication device in addition to a GPS tracker in a pair of shoes that his father wore, he could locate and communicate with his father at any time.

At this point in his life, Figgers is devoting most of his time and effort to producing aiding gadgets for people with diabetes.

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In August, Figgers posted the following on Facebook: “Diabetes is a significant public health concern growing near to pandemic proportions throughout the globe. Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions at a very alarming rate of prevalence. Diabetes affects one out of every 12 people in the United States, and type 2 diabetes is increasingly prevalent among youngsters.

“For far too long, large firms that manufacture medical supplies for diabetics have gained billions of dollars off this awful condition by charging clients excessive prices for their products,” said one diabetes advocate. We had the option of selling our invention to any firm producing medical supplies, but doing so would have just made the situation more complicated.

“We have a system that can manage diabetes around the clock from a distance, and it is all-in-one, so it solves all of their problems.” But the most significant part is that it is affordable for all patients. WE LOVE PEOPLE MORE THAN MONEY.”