42-year-old woman, surprise gave birth to identical quadruplets

Identical quadruplets were born to a 42-year-old woman who was completely unaware of what was happening.

“I consider myself the luckiest mother on the planet,” she adds. After giving birth to surprise identical quadruplets in February, Kimberly Fugate has spoken about how her life has changed due to the experience.

Credit: Facebook/Kimberly Fugate

It came as a surprise and a source of joy for Kimberly Fugate, 43, of Jayess, Mississippi, who had been expecting triplets until it was discovered halfway through her Cesarean section that she had an ‘extra’ daughter. Kimberly Fugate is a mother of three children. There is a one in 729,000 possibilities of producing quadruplets. At the same time, the odds of having identical children are ‘simply inconceivable’ – about 13 million to one.

Craig Fugate, Fugate’s husband, was completely unaware that his wife had given birth to a fourth child until he visited her in the hospital following the delivery. Kim overheard a woman say, “I have more feet,” indicating that there was another child on its way. She became the mother of rare identical quadruplets at 42 when that final kid, who had gone unnoticed on an ultrasound, was discovered. The two of them were taken aback. While the mother-of-four, who also has an 11-year-old daughter with her husband Craig, has had some “roller coaster” times, she and her large family couldn’t be happier in their circumstances.

Credit: Facebook/Kimberly Fugate

In her statement, she revealed that when the kids were delivered more than two months ago, they weighed between two and two-and-a-half pounds and were in critical condition. They were in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for three months. They were dependent on ventilators to help them breathe because their lungs were tiny. There were times when she longed for their protection more than anything else. She watched as the heart rates of many of the girls fell, and she held her breath as she observed two of them being renewed.

It was fortunate that the kids could leave the NICU in June with their parents and older sibling after receiving the all-clear. They range in weight from 18 to 22 pounds, and their paediatrician is pleased with how they are doing thus far. Most of the time, they are in excellent health. One quad has a slight form of a development problem, and he is being closely monitored regularly.

Credit: Facebook/Kimberly Fugate

Originally from a two-bedroom trailer in Jayess, Mississippi, the family of seven moved into a four-bedroom, double-wide mobile home in the area. In addition, they needed a bigger vehicle. Kimberly went on to say that she considers herself to be an incredibly privileged mother in this world. After delivering her quadruplets, Kenleigh, Kristen, Kayleigh, and Kelsey, she had no more children. A lot has transpired since she gave birth to her quadruplets.

Even throughout the night, the newborns continue to nurse every three to four hours, and if all wake up simultaneously, she tries to feed them all at the same time. She arranges them on their floor seats, offers them a meal sample, and then loops around them many times more. They’re pretty accommodating. In addition, kids are becoming more independent in carrying their bottles.

Credit: Facebook/Kimberly Fugate

She went on to say that they are content and calm newborns. However, if they are all sobbing at the exact moment, it may be upsetting for everyone involved. Katherine’s daughter, Katelyn, is 11 years old and is an excellent assistant. In the evenings, she helps with the showers and feedings of the children. She helps them fall asleep by putting them to sleep. She keeps them entertained by engaging in play with them. In addition, the mother has the support of her family if she needs assistance. She believed that God had chosen her to be the mother of these quadruplets and that He would provide for their needs and allow them to survive. She considers herself relatively lucky after seeing how far they’ve come.

Credit: Facebook/Kimberly Fugate

Congratulations to the great family.

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