Horse at funeral says final goodbye to owner who wouldn’t give up on him

Some animals are not close to anyone. Everyone is giving up on them. But in a moment, where no one is there, a specific person comes along and breakthroughs.

All it takes is some patience and love. It will remember by them forever.

A beautiful story comes from West Virginia about the bond between a man and a horse.

The story was narrating by Janna Grapperhaus, the daughter of the leading character. She wrote this story on her FB profile and, the story went on viral.

The story is about a beautiful bond between a man and a horse that lasted until the very end.

The story began when her father brought home a young and wicked stallion named Major. Major was still wild and harsh on them. Because his former owners were incapable of broke him—through.

They have tried severe, harsh techniques, including beatings and leaving him tied to a post without food or water for weeks. They were hardly insulting the animal to make him obey.

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When Janna’s father bought him home, he barreled through five strands of fence within minutes of landing. Also, he bites and attacks anyone within reach.

Although father never tried to tame him besides tried to gain his trust. He waited and let the time passes. Janna’s mother was frightened about the situation, thought that the horse is going to kill him. Even she nicknamed him as “Major Deal.”

Janna wrote that her father was devoted to the horse. Every single day he spends hours working with him to gain his trust. He believes that one day this abused creature will trust him.

It took two years of hard work for Major to open his heart for dad, Janna wrote. Finally, Major let his owner ride him, father’s dedications were pay off.

Against all probabilities, the wild horse finally tamed. But it was more than that: there was true love connecting the man and his horse.

When farther is going out, Major kisses his head over and over. It’s a divine bond between them only the horse people could understand. Their relationship was going well smoothly day by day increasing, love and affection.

Suddenly Janna’s father passed away. It was an unexpected thing to the family, including Major.

All their family members and friends gathered to mourn at his funeral. So too Major did come. It seemed only fitting to let Major say goodbye to his beloved friend.

Credit: Facebook / Janna Grapperhaus Midwife

Source: Facebook / Janna Grapperhaus Midwife

Janna took a photo and uploaded it with their story. It goes viral on social media with thousands of FB shares.

This story is not just a story about a human and an animal. It shows the power of love and patience.

Relay the bond-building between humans and animals with dedication and patience.

Finally, she captioned it, “Love won out in the end.”