2 Moms Adopt 3 Young Brothers to Keep Them Together

Children need parents regardless of whether they are born or adopted. Some couples don’t know the meaning of the word. When to say it may be a good thing.

When you formally adopt a child, you promise to take care of it like your own. Now they are. There should always be an exceptional relationship between you and your child, and there is nothing against this relationship. But from time to time, couples make big decisions, adopt multiple children, and make more promises.

In 2018, KC and Lena Currie, of Sudbury, Mass., officially adopted Joey, now 3. One year later, they adopted Joey’s biological brothers, Logan, 2 and Noah, 1, on National Adoption Day, Nov. 23.

As early as 2018, KC and Lena Curry adopted a two-year-old boy named Joey in Sudbury, Massachusetts. The couple is delighted that he is in their lives. Earlier, KC and Lena found pictures of young boys, and the Children’s Friends Agency told them they would be his good partners. In March 2018, they officially hired him. At that time, they knew very little that they were far from complete.

Immediately after adopting Joey, the couple received a call from a friend’s office drain agency employee. Officials told them that Joey had a six-week-old brother named Noah and needed a family to raise him. So the couple said they were happy to add a little boy to their family without hesitation. But there is another brother, his name is Logan. He was only one year old, and the foster parent arrangement he had planned for adoption failed.

It was as if none of these brothers were destined to be separated from the other brothers. So, of course, KC and Lena also adopted Logan. They adopted their first child just a month after they adopted him.

KC said, “This is our instinct. We finally agree because our brothers must be together. When they grow up and have problems, they depend on each other and so on. Experience horseback riding. “

Curry only knows that this is destined. Veronica Listard is the director of adoption and family services for children’s friends, and she really likes the results of this case.

Veronica said, “This is what you want to see. They are a beautiful family. They are very flexible. They are the needs of their children, the importance of maintaining siblings, and the long-term of this relationship. I really understand the impact. “

Well, let’s face it. For most people, raising three children under the age of four is a dilemma. But the Curry people are honored to be able to do this. They know that is the right way to bring all their siblings together.

KC and Lena Currie are pictured with their sons, Noah, Joey and Logan on National Adoption Day in Worcester, Mass