A little boy without arms who is six years old and dreams of becoming a detective is given guidance by an officer

The fact that Harrison Humphries, who is now six years old and lives in Georgia, was born without arms or leg bones has not deterred him from pursuing a career in law enforcement.

The powerful bond between Duluth Police Department veteran officer Rolf Seiferheld and the mighty Harrison began a few months ago while the two were on a downtown patrol. Since then, the two have become close friends.

According to 11 Alive, Harrison said to the officer that he wanted to join law enforcement so that he may “help others get well.”

Be kind to others and treat them how you want to be treated; this is why Seiferheld joined the police force. He encouraged the press to “treat them with the respect they deserve.”

Officer Seiferheld decided to provide the young lad guidance and support to assist him in realizing his goals after the two individuals found that their perspectives on the law were similar.

Now, the two see one other on Fridays when the cop is on patrol in the downtown area, and they both agree that this is the highlight of their week.

The officer is having a conversation with Harrison, who is six years old, about what it’s like to be a police officer as Harrison is going through the officer’s equipment.

Harrison’s mother, Tara, lauded the kind police officer for taking time out of his busy schedule to mentor her son and guide him toward realizing his ambition.

Credit: Youtube/11Alive

She shared her thoughts with 11 Alive News, saying, “Not many people will take the time, or maybe they’re terrified.”

She claims that her son is a very motivated young guy and that he almost always succeeds when he sets his mind to doing anything.

Harrison was born without arms and his hips, fibulas, and femurs. According to Harrison’s mother, the doctors warned his parents that he would never be able to walk, feed himself, or do anything else on his own. Harrison was born without his hips, fibulas, and femurs.

He can do everything by himself; he only has to use his feet rather than his hands.

Credit: Youtube/11Alive

Tara said, “So he washes his teeth, combs his hair, and attempts to get himself dressed.”

“He aspires to work in law enforcement, either as a private investigator or as the chief of police.”

As long as Seiferheld remains at his side, she does not doubt that her son will achieve his goals.

She stated, “I believe this is a connection that can continue to develop into a partnership, which is what a community should be.” “I think this relationship can continue to grow into a partnership.”