A picture taken at the hospital shows a police officer reassuring a terrified little child

The only thing that may win my respect is when individuals go above and beyond what is required and what is expected of them to aid others.

The work that has been done to aid people in many circumstances, such as those working in law enforcement, firefighting, and the medical field, is remarkable.

However, others go above and beyond, going that extra mile when they don’t even have to cheer up another person when they don’t even have to do so.

James Hurst, a police officer in Savannah, Georgia, recently did his best to soothe a little youngster who had been removed from his family. This serves as a fantastic instance of this concept, and it was recently highlighted in the news. People are thanking him for his efforts; a wonderful photo of them has gone viral and is being shared.

In May of 2016, the child, who had just turned 16 months old, was found to be walking about Savannah, Georgia, without any adult supervision. He was found on the streets of the city.

According to WSAV 3 News, the authorities were contacted, and they accompanied him to a medical institution to make sure that he was in excellent condition once they were there.

Even though the young guy had symptoms of worry and discomfort while being evaluated by the medical staff, Officer James Hurst stayed by his side the whole time. He gave the youngster some solace by scooping and hugging him.

“I thought this young man needed someone to watch out for him. It was nothing more than a natural inclination; it was simply part of being human. Even though the doctors and nurses at the hospital provided him with wonderful care, he continued to sob and cry his eyes out even though he received such good treatment. “I lifted him, and within minutes he was sleeping on my chest,” James Hurst is quoted as saying in an interview with KTLA 5, which the station conducted.

The unforgettable scene was captured on film, and a snapshot of it was later published on the page of the police department’s Facebook account. In addition to that, the image has racked up more than 10,000 likes in the last week alone.

Several news sources have reported the event, and several persons have praised the officer for the efforts that he has made. Hurst has said on his own that he was merely doing the responsibilities assigned to him.

Officer Hurst’s generosity touched many people. Still, he did not consider his acts to be notable since, in his eyes, he was doing his job and assisting those who were in need. Despite this, his generosity moved many people.

He told WSAV 3 that “it’s what we do, every day, not just me, but the 600 policemen in this department” about the police force. “Not just me, but all 600 officers that work for this department.”

“I have seen Officer Hurst out on the streets an uncountable number of times, and every time I have seen him, he has gone above and beyond the call of duty,” said the witness. According to KTLA, one individual tweeted that others should shake his hand and said, “if any of you have the chance to meet him, please shake his hand, he’s… a worthy soul.” Others should meet him and shake his hand.

According to the authorities, the infant has been placed in the care of an organization that assists children. The youngster is no longer in danger and seemed to be in excellent health before the transfer.