An eight-year-old girl whose mother passed away wants to celebrate her birthday – only one person has shown interest in attending

An 8-year-old girl lost her mother to brain cancer, but her sister decided to throw her a birthday party in an effort to distract her from the tragedy. Sadly, only one person RSVP’d, but what followed significantly impacted the well-meaning sister.

A number of cringe-worthy human actions have taken place during the previous several decades. Humans, on the other hand, sometimes do something to restore trust in the species as a whole.

If you’re looking for an example, consider Chloe Sexton’s heartbreaking Tiktok video, which has gone viral with up to nine million views. As Charlotte’s birthday neared, she had a nagging notion.


Chloe and Charlotte’s mother died of brain cancer a few months ago. She battled the condition for more than a decade before her death, enduring up to five operations.

Because cancer treatment is expensive, Chloe’s sister Charlotte had grown used to not celebrating her birthdays. Chloe wanted to throw a lavish celebration for Charlotte’s birthday after their mother died away.

Charlotte’s sole family is Chloe, who is the mother of her own child but also cares for her younger sister. May was a very auspicious month for Chloe since it was the month of Charlotte’s birthday, her baby’s birthday, and awareness month for brain cancer.

After Charlotte’s mother died away, Chloe had to enroll her in a new school, but a celebration wouldn’t be complete without inviting all of Charlotte’s new friends.

As a result of Charlotte’s invitation, all but one of Charlotte’s classmates opted out of attending. As a result, Chloe decided to use the social media platform Tiktok to convey her feelings.


It was shown in the film that Charlotte’s classmates were aware of what had transpired, but they opted not to celebrate. The following is what she had to say:

“Come to a birthday party if your child’s classmate invites you. One hour of your life,” she remarked. “

When asked about their decorations, Chloe said she was going to create them entirely from scratch. She said that she was not complaining about creating the decorations on her own but that the fact that other children would not attend the party was disappointing to her.

Credit: Instagram/bluffcakes

The video quickly went popular on the video-sharing app and many of the 9.1 million people who had seen it started organizing how they might assist in the comment area.

In Memphis, Charlotte and Chloe’s Memphis neighbours reached out to her. Instagram was a popular source for many. Chloe stated:

“I have a child the same age as Charlotte,’ commented other mothers who discovered they lived in the same city as mine. Let us know if we can come to your celebration.”

Credit: Instagram/bluffcakes

According to Chloe, she received at least a dozen of these messages and responded positively to each one. Once again, Chloe said yes when a woman offered to bring her horse along for some fun on the ponies.

In the end, she threw a huge celebration for her younger sister since she said yes to everything people asked. There were ladies willing to come and assist her in setting up, so she didn’t have to do it all alone.

Credit: Instagram/bluffcakes

When it came to helping Chloe, they went above and above. The youngsters who didn’t show up were an afterthought; instead, she focused on the ones who had stated they would come. She made the following statement:

“Because of this, I warned her; you’ll be meeting a lot of new youngsters today. There will be so much fun, and you’ll have the finest birthday ever, I guarantee it.”

Credit: Instagram/bluffcakes


After hearing Chloe’s distress call on Tiktok, many people came forward to help Charlotte celebrate her eighth birthday in style. Water slides, a balloon wall, and a lengthy line of automobiles extended down the street once the lady who had volunteered her horse finally showed there.

That night’s celebration had beyond Chloe’s expectations; she told CBS. In her words, “It’s like it became something more than a birthday celebration,” she remarked.

While she wishes her mom had been present, Chloe stated that Charlotte told her therapist about the day and marked it as good for her, exactly how Chloe hoped she would feel about it herself.

When Chloe originally began arranging the celebration, she didn’t want her daughter to think about the fact that they had lost their mother and what that would mean for her and her siblings.

Chloe also had a significant impact on the entire ordeal. She said it demonstrated to her the existence of individuals who cared about her despite the fact that she did not know them. One might even claim that it has helped her regain her trust in people.