An image of a Florida deputy helping a girl who was having difficulty walking up the steps of the stadium during a football game has gone viral

Suppose you have ever attended a sporting event held inside a stadium. In that case, you are aware that sitting in seats that are referred to as the “nosebleeds” may provide the finest view of the action from above, but they are also quite difficult to access.

On Saturday, when Britney Howard was in the stands at the Florida State University football game, she saw an act of compassion in the fans, which she felt compelled to write about and post online.

The picture soon spread around the internet.

She said on Facebook that the man had asked her and her mother if it would be okay if he carried the kid up the stairs to her seat since she was having trouble walking. “He asked her because she has difficulty walking and her mother because she has difficulty walking.”

She did not know Deputy C. Hall, but he helped her carry the fan up 30 rows to where she was sitting without hesitation.

Many thanks

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office also spread the image of Howard and commended Hall for his quick thinking and bravery.