Boy, 7, says he’s ‘proud of his scar’ after jumping in front of vicious dog to save his sister

A seven-year-old boy who jumped in front of a vicious dog to save his younger sister expressed satisfaction with the scars he acquired due to the event.

When Bridger Walker and his four-year-old sister were visiting a friend’s house in Wyoming in July 2020, a one-year-old German Shepherd mix pounced on them playing in the backyard.

The parents of the children told NBC News in July 2020 that 6-year-old Bridger had no qualms about stepping in front of his sister to protect her, and as a consequence, the dog bit him in the face.

The youngster needed ninety stitches to seal the wound. As a consequence, they were left with horrendous facial scarring. Since then, the youngster has had many surgical procedures to repair the injury.

Bridger stated, “If someone had to die, I thought it should be me.”

The now-seven-year-old youngster maintains his stance on these assertions. According to his father, Robert Walker, his son is not bothered by his scar and is proud.

My wife and I questioned him, saying, ‘Do you want it to vanish?’

And he said, “I don’t want it to go completely.” “In an interview with People, the father of five stated:

“Bridger is proud of his scar, but he does not see it as a symbol of the courageous act he performed. He justifies his actions by claiming, “I was a brother, and that is what brothers do.” This is a restatement of his sister’s undamaged and healthy.

Credit: Boxing Council

His aunt Nikki Walker presented the story to the group at the time. In an Instagram post, the aunt raved over her brave nephew, declaring, “My nephew is a hero for protecting his little sister from an aggressive dog.”

She continued by claiming, “He defended his sister from the dog’s bite by committing the attack.” Later, when questioned about it, he said, “I thought that if anybody was going to die, it should be me.” He was allowed to leave the hospital and come home last evening. I realize this is a long shot, but I’m attempting to contact the Avengers and other heroes to inform them about the newest member of their team.

She tagged many “superhero” celebs, including Robert Downey Jr., who played Ironman, and Chris Evans, who played Captain America, in her post. These stars responded to the news by creating video messages thanking the little hero for her courage.

However, according to Bridger’s father, his son is not enthusiastic about being a hero.

“It almost saddens him when he’s referred to as a hero because he feels, ‘Perhaps I should have done more to protect her,'” he said. Sometimes, the fact that he is labelled a hero nearly upsets him.

The family is delighted that so many of their son’s heroes have contacted out to offer assistance.

Chris Evans’ video was excellent, and he dispatched the shield. Thank you. ” Bridger’s father stated, “Bridger couldn’t have been happier.” “When he talked to Tom Holland, he was perhaps the most star-struck since it was a live call, so it definitely had an impact… His emotional recovery was really the result of a worldwide effort, and this was something that we held in high regard.

Even though Bridger has had so many procedures, further work is still to be completed.

After hearing his story, Dr Dhaval Bhanusali, a dermatologist who agreed to treat him for free and fly him to his New York clinic, informed him, “We still have some work to do on the surface redness, but fundamentally everything looks so much better.”

“I have always told Robert that when Bridger is in middle school or high school, I don’t want this to be a memory that he has to relive every day, but rather a story that he tells.” I think that this will be the case. “The kind physician continued, saying:

Anne Hathaway and Mark Ruffalo are two other Hollywood celebrities who have contacted us.

Bridger is a brave young guy; the selfless act he committed is an example for others to emulate, and I’m pleased to read that he is recovering quickly and getting all the love and care he so rightly deserves.