Congratulations to Andrew, a 12-year-old child who was adopted by the family of his best friend

Growing up in a loving and friendly home is something that many of us take for granted.

I wasn’t even aware until I reached a certain age that not every child was blessed with parents who genuinely cared for them.

In fact, millions of kids throughout the world do not have access to a cozy and caring environment. One 12-year-old child from Nashville, Tennessee, called Andrew is fully aware of that.

He has reportedly spent almost half of his short life in foster care. Well, his luck just changed when he was adopted.

Another youngster named Joc Gill from the family that has been Andrew’s foster family for a while was already a close buddy of his.

It’s obvious that the two guys have become close friends since they like eating pop tarts and playing video games together. Kevin and Dominique Gill, Joc’s parents, have always cherished having Andrew around.

You can only imagine Andrew’s joy and astonishment when while strolling in the park with Molly Parker, a Youth Villages employee, he learned that the Gills had decided to adopt him.

Andrew remarked, “I just turned around the corner and saw everyone.

They asked me if I would, and I replied, “Yeah!”

According to statistics, there are over 8,000 children in the Tennessee Foster System that are looking for a permanent home. Thankfully, because of the Gills’ generosity and compassion, there is one less.

Andrew said, “This is my brother, Joc.”

Joc said, “This is my brother, Andrew.

These kinds of tales make me happy tears. I’m extremely appreciative to households like the Gills for providing Andrew with a lifelong residence.