Dead man appears in helicopter at funeral to teach his family the importance of staying in touch

Even in today’s world, no matter how advanced technology and easy communication people have, they still have a great desire to communicate with their loved ones. It is not a secret that no one can imagine. However, at some point in time, those relationships become distant, making our family and friends distant from each other. One man wakes up his family to make everyone understand how important communication and relationships between them are. Made a call with a purpose.

This was done by a Belgian. The Independent newspaper tells relatives that he had created false plans for his own death and had come to his funeral in a helicopter. There is no doubt that this occasion was a very shocking occasion for his grieving relatives. David Baerten made this joke in a cruel decision to teach his family members the value of connecting with each other.

Image Source: TikTok | @el.tiktokeur2
Credit: TikTok | @el.tiktokeur2

Baerten revealed in the French chat show Touche Pas a Mon Poste (TPMP) that he took this risky decision because he did not get good relationship and appreciation from his relatives. A 45-year-old TikTok user named Faut was able to. In this, mourners can be seen opening the door of the helicopter that landed in a field, and then realizing that it was Baerten, the mourners hug him. Meanwhile, the people gathered for him can also be seen congratulating him. Not only that, the tiktok user has also released a video of Baerten hugging and crying at this time. Relatives have written a text in it that feels that the relationship has turned into extreme love as well as shock due to his actions.

Image Source: TikTok | @el.tiktokeur2
Credit: TikTok | @el.tiktokeur2

On the day of the funeral near Liege, one of Baerten’s daughters wrote a tribute for him, saying that she thinks of him every day and wishes him a peaceful end. She questioned how unfair life was and at the same time had happy news that Baerten was going to have a grandson or granddaughter. Some even expressed their displeasure about Baerten’s inappropriate joke because of their love for their children. They had said that they will cherish him deeply and will always be buried in his memory.

According to The Times newspaper, Baerten released the pain in his heart in this way because he was not invited by anyone to see him, have a relationship, do anything and think that he wanted to add value to himself. He has released a video with the aim of justifying this stunt. Instead of having friendly conversations with someone while they are alive, he says that it is useless to cry and mourn after their death and he wanted to give an experience in this regard. Baerten’s kind of character to his relatives was confirmed by this fake funeral. He further stated that only half of the family participated and the rest of the relatives contacted him.

Image Source: TikTok | @ragnar_le_fou
Credit: TikTok @ragnar_le_fou

People who really care about themselves have been deeply hurt and saddened by this ridiculous and fake death. Baerten has expressed his regret about his actions when appearing in TPMP. His wife knew about this from the beginning and has tried to put on this fake funeral again. He tried to make his children believe that he had died a few days ago. He has stated this in Indy100.

He had to insist that he knew from the beginning that his business was fake. He himself has received many messages from his own loved ones and videos of them crying because of this act. At that moment, he thought that he could have stopped what he had done, but it was already too late. He began to question the correctness of what he had done in his heart. As human needs of any human being, they need to have a sense of belonging and a sense of belonging. So, when we feel lonely and lonely, we can call and text them on the phone without waiting any longer. Through this they get mental benefits and build good communication in them. And it is very important to meet them and share ideas face to face whenever possible.