He worked as an elementary school’s janitor for 27 years, then one day, he became its principal

Of course, just because you started at the end of your work doesn’t mean you have to stay there.

In Port Bari, there is Joseph Sonnier. But for some reason, everyone called him “Gabe.” Gabe is always a happy person … like a more cheerful person. If something terrible happens, he will see a smile on his face, ensuring that everything goes well.

By the way, as early as 1985, I was hired as a janitor at an elementary school in Port Barre. The principal told him, “The janitor is a good job and an honest life.” But he also said he could see a lot in Gabe. One day he can consider him an educator about his own potential.

Credit: instagram.com/goodnews_movement

Fifteen years later, Gabe was still going to college with a broom at school, so what others see is really great. It was a demanding schedule, and he rarely had time to rest, but he survived. In 2008, he received a bachelor’s degree in primary education from the University of Louisiana.

After that, I got a master’s degree. After cleaning the school for 27 years and teaching there for 6 years, Gabe was promoted. He became the principal of the elementary school.

He loves his work and loves all the kids. Do you know, judging from the bright smile on his face, I don’t think he will be happy anymore?