Janitor who walks miles to work drops to his knees after coworkers raise $7,000 for new truck

Reports show that Robert has been working as a school janitor at Farmington Elementary School in Germantown, Tennessee, for around four months.

People like Robert Reed are what made the United States possible. The 60-year-old janitor works diligently and makes every effort to be accessible and kind to the youngsters at the school where he works.

Robert Reed works as a janitor at an elementary school near Memphis. Robert makes a long trek into work everyday just…

Posted by Country 106.7 on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Despite this, he has already won the hearts of the kids who see him on a regular basis. After completing his janitorial shift, Robert is said to often look for further work at the school.

However, Reed’s lack of a car was a secret kept from the rest of the student body.

Credit: YouTube / WREG News Channel 3

The 60-year-old student had to take three buses and walk two miles each way to get to class on time. Then, end of the day, he would make the trip back, which meant that he wouldn’t be home until after 8 o’clock.

Robert’s difficulties with the daily commute were no secret to his employees. After school, on some days, some drove him to the bus stop, while others helped pay for his lunch. The janitor wanted to augment his income by starting a yard company, but he didn’t have a vehicle to do so.

Then one day, the employees at the office decided to take their kindness to a new level. They decided to do something unique for Robert, pooling their resources, holding online fundraising, and buying Robert a brand-new vehicle.

The surprise his employees had planned for him was overwhelming, as one would expect. Due to his amazement, he fell to his knees.