Kind woman spends her lottery winning on the homeless man

On a freezing mid-February night, Sofia Andrade went into a convenience shop in Wareham, Massachusetts. She purchased a scratch-off ticket, which she promptly scratched off and won $200. She was overjoyed and took advantage of the opportunity to cash it in straight away. When she was stopped at a stop sign on her way home, she saw a guy panhandling outside in the cold. As a result, she summoned him to her vehicle and drove him to a nearby coffee shop to warm up.


Glen Williams introduced himself to Sofia, and he said that he had been homeless for the previous three years. He was so moved by this friendly stranger’s generosity in bringing him out of the cold. And purchasing him a cup of coffee that he found it difficult to keep his emotions from streaming down his face. The man explained to her that the local shelters were full and that he was forced to sleep outdoors in the cold weather while remaining alive on his own.

Then it dawned on Sofia that the money she had just won on a scratch-off ticket less than an hour before wasn’t intended for her. “It wasn’t meant for her,” she realized. Sofia used her earnings to get Glen a room at a nearby hotel for a couple of days. Then she went on Facebook and created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for him, which has now gone viral.


The response was immediate and positive: a local hairdresser volunteered to trim his hair for free, others offered to donate warm winter clothes and jackets, and one little girl drew him a Valentine’s Day card that said, “Know that you are loved on Valentine’s Day.”

“There are a lot of nice individuals in this world,” Glen says after receiving all the assistance he has received. My gratitude goes out to everyone for their help. I’m amazed by all of it.”

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