Little girl empties piggy bank to give classmate milk money

A little lady named Sunshine Oelfke, who was only five years old at the time, began by being kind to a friend. This resulted in acts of charity and goodwill being performed all around the country. The tale of a kindergartener from Ishpeming, Michigan, who emptied her piggy bank to attempt to help a fellow student who couldn’t purchase milk at school went popular on social media a few years ago. She did this to assist the student. Many people who utilize the internet felt their hearts being touched by this narrative. Jackie Oelfke, her grandmother, spoke to CBS News about the heartwarming occurrence and how she was intrigued when she observed Sunshine dump her piggy bank into the living room floor. Jackie said how the event touched her deeply.

Sitting here working my business, Sunshine dumps out a bunch of her snowmobile money on the floor and starts counting it…

Posted by Jackie Sue Oelfke on Wednesday, 4 October 2017

“That piqued my interest, and I want to learn more,” she added. The pigeon-hole is never disturbed by anybody. When Oelfke questioned the little girl about why she was spending her savings, she said that she was going to school to buy milk with the money, and that was why she was spending it. “When I informed her that I had already paid for her milk for the month, she looked at me and said, “My friend’s mom doesn’t have milk money, but I do.” When I told her I had already paid for her milk, she looked at me and said, “I have it.” According to Sunshine’s grandma in Michigan, she had been putting money aside to get a snowmobile. Still, now she is prepared to spend the money to assist a friend. Oelfke and Sunshine headed to Birchview Elementary School the following day to meet Rita Hausher, the teacher Sunshine has. They handed her the thirty dollars that the kindergartener had been saving up and explained what the money was for.

As someone who often foots the bill for the milk money of her pupils, Hausher said that Sunshine’s kind deed had a deep impression on her. She remarked, “I’ve always felt horrible when a youngster asked if they might have milk, and I had to say no.” “I’ve always felt bad when a kid asked if they may have milk.” “Because Sunshine was nice to one pupil, the kindness has extended to everyone, which makes my heart glad,” said the teacher. According to the reports, around ten of the twenty children enrolled in Sunshine’s class did not get any milk daily while at school. At the cost of $0.45 per carton, it will cost about $180 per month for each kid in the class to have milk at snack time daily.

Credit: YouTube/SAN News 64

“Milk is vital to our family. Therefore it’s essential for Sunshine’s friends to have milk with her,” Oelfke said. “Since milk is important to our family, we want Sunshine’s friends to drink milk with her.” Many individuals contracted out to assist after a video of a happy grandma talking about her granddaughter’s goal. At the same time, crying went popular on social media. Because there were so many individuals who expressed interest in assisting, Oelfke decided to launch a GoFundMe campaign in the hopes of raising $700 to cover the cost of milk for the whole of the semester. But complete strangers from every corner of the country contributed to Sunshine’s “Milk Money Mission”. They helped her bring in approximately $20,000 in donations.

However, Sunshine does not believe being nice is a significant trait. She said, “I’m bringing milk money to school for my buddy because she wants milk, and I want her to be able to purchase milk as well.” “Chocolate milk is a favourite of both of us.”