Man met his wife when she was a baby – now she’s pregnant with his first child

People say “age is only a number” has been used several times. However, not everyone can put it into practice while dealing with another human being.

Despite the apparent age gap between them, this pair was able to find common ground.

Rich Foetu Tomkinson, 48, and Evie Boucher-Locke, 29, are over over heels in love. The two hit it off immediately after meeting at a pub where Rich was pouring her drinks.


They started dating after meeting in July 2018 and were officially dating by October that year. The pair finally committed to living together in February of 2019.

After things began to progress seriously and they met each other’s families, the pair had a startling epiphany. Because of Evie’s introduction to Rich’s mother, Sarah Owen, the pair learned something unique about themselves that not many couples could claim.

In the 1990s, they worked on the same street, and when Rich met his girlfriend’s mother, Sarah, he learned that he had frequently seen her carrying Evie in a stroller when she was a baby.


In retrospect, it was a little unsettling to learn that I had met Evie when she was a baby. The two of us simply laugh it off. To us, age doesn’t matter, and you can’t help but fall in love with the person you meet,” Rich said.

 They had a 20-year age gap. Thus people frequently mistake them for father and daughter.

Sometimes people think I’m Evie’s dad, but it’s apparent that we get along well. Rich has said that the age difference between them is not an issue.


Evie felt at ease with Rich because of his kind nature. And Rich was interested in her, too; to stay in contact with her, he invited her to participate in a major charity event he was planning.

They stayed in contact, and when Rich realized how much he missed Evie when she was away on vacation, he knew it was finally over. A realization dawned on him: he was hopelessly in love with Evie. Since then, the two have seldom spent any time apart.

To Rich’s dismay, he learned in late 2018 that his father had cancer. He went through a tough patch emotionally, but Evie was there for him the whole time. This just strengthened his affection for her.

Just one month after moving in together, he popped the question to Evie. Rich prepared a very elaborate proposal in which he would ask the lady he loved to wed him in front of a thousand witnesses in a movie theatre where he was screening a charity documentary.

I immediately said yes,” Evie recalls.


The couple initially scheduled their wedding for June of 2021 but had to postpone it because of the outbreak of the Covid virus. Due to the tragic deaths of both of their mothers within six weeks, Rich and Evie were forced to make the hard choice to cancel the ceremony at Somerford Hall in Brewood.

We talked it over, and Evie realized that she could not bring herself down the aisle without her father, so she concluded that this was not the wedding she had envisioned. “There was a lot of sorrow,” Rich said.

We believed we’d lost everything and wouldn’t be able to afford a wedding until we found out that the insurance would pay out. Just trying to describe how stressful it was would be an impossible task. The loss was devastating to us. It made it much more difficult to mourn, and you shouldn’t have to, Rich remarked.

They eventually tied the knot in front of barely 200 close family and friends.


Rich: “The day I married Evie was the finest day of my life, and now we’re expecting our first child.

The wedding day, complete with dance-offs and other entertaining activities, is where the happy couple claims they had the most fun together. While many of their loved ones first discounted them as a serious couple, they eventually married and are now waiting for their first child as a married couple.

Rich explains, “We’ve already talked about people assuming I’m the granddad rather than the dad during sports days and stuff like that.

However, the pair intends to take it all stride and laugh it off.