Man who lost wife and works 3 jobs to raise 7 kids is in tears when news reporter tells him christmas came early

When a news reporter informs a father who has seven children, has been through the loss of his wife, and works three jobs to support his family, that Christmas has arrived early, the man bursts into tears.

Dakota Nelson expected to spend the rest of his life with his wife, Ream, experiencing joy and fulfilment. The two people were happy to be beginning their lives together and were impressed by Ream’s qualities of intelligence, attractiveness, and compassion. The marriage of Dakota and Ream was more successful than any of them could have ever imagined, and they were blessed with seven magnificent children.

Compared to prior years, Dakota and his seven children will have a unique Christmas experience this year. When Ream had an unexpected heart attack in July of 2018, their lives were thrown into disarray, and it was a turning point that would haunt them forever.

According to Dakota, he and his wife were having a good time in their garage when he was required to put his equipment away. When he got back, he found his wife Ream, who was 38 years old at the time, lying on the ground outside their home.

In the five minutes, he was absent, and he returned to a scene that left him dumbfounded: his wife was lying on the ground, becoming blue, and had stopped breathing. Dakota tried to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on his lifeless wife as their 11-year-old son called 911.

According to Nelson’s statement to the East Idaho News, “We were working in the garage, playing about, and having a wonderful time when I returned to discover her lying on the ground.”

“It is difficult to put into words what it is like to find my lovely wife, with whom I have fallen in love and grown closer for our 17 years of marriage, on the floor with her eyes wide open and unresponsive while our three-year-old is standing over her. During our 17 years of marriage, we have grown closer to one another. It isn’t easy to put into words what it is like to find my lovely wife on the floor with her eyes wide open and un. It is inconceivable that our children would be forced to see a situation like that.” The worried father explained.

The lack of oxygen to her brain was assessed to have lasted for about twenty minutes by the medical professionals. She was in a coma for many weeks before her demise in September.

Dakota was abruptly left to raise his seven children, ranging in age from one to sixteen, and he did it all by himself. He had no idea how he would pay his bills or support himself. Additionally, Dakota and Ream do not have access to health care since their income is too high to qualify for Medicaid. This results in them being ineligible for the program. In addition to this, they do not earn enough money to afford health insurance premiums.

It is impossible to fathom the anguish and the weight of responsibility that Dakota bore. Even though he is still in shock and grieving after the untimely death of his beloved wife, Dakota is required to maintain financial stability for his family by working three part-time jobs.

Even though the family is still grieving the death of their loved one, they will have a cause to smile this Christmas. The unfortunate plight of the Nelson family was brought to the attention of a kind “Secret Santa” who wished to remain unknown. Something extraordinary was done for Dakota’s family by the “Secret Santa,” who did it in an attempt to spread holiday pleasure.

“Secret Santa” was kind enough to send Dakota and his family a present that was both one-of-a-kind and very helpful. This was made possible by the local news station East Idaho News.

Dakota, who was sitting with his children and wearing his suit when he received the significant present from the donor who wished to remain anonymous, was overtaken with emotion.

You are essential to many people, and they all care about you. The mourning Dakota was informed of this by the local newscaster.

The newscaster gave him a gift basket that included two gift cards, each worth $1,000, and a check for $8,000. As a result of the abundance of gifts given to him and his family, Dakota was unable to adequately express his thanks for the support that was so desperately required. The man’s mouth dropped as soon as he saw all of the zeros, and he was so overcome with emotion that he started crying as soon as he realized what he had just seen.

Even while it is evident that spending Christmas without their cherished wife and mother will never be as warm or cheerful as it used to be, the ten thousand dollars that he and his children received should be plenty to assure that they will have something fun to celebrate this year.

The knowledge that they are not the only ones going through what they are going through is enough to make their hearts feel warm and fuzzy again. No amount of money in the world could ever replace the void that was left by Ream Nelson. If you would want to help Dakota and his seven children get back on their feet, you may do so by contributing to the GoFundMe page that was set up by Ream’s sister.

See how Dakota reacts emotionally after receiving a “Secret Santa” gift in the following video. Because Dakota is a single parent, he is responsible for providing for his seven beautiful children and must maintain his strength. We pray that their story will bring the true meaning of Christmas to our minds, which is to rejoice together and lift one another’s spirits.