Mom wants to show 13-month-old daughter with rare birthmark that she is beautiful

There are people with facial differences, and they’re beautiful. They are entitled to the same dignity and respect shown to everyone else. Remember that every one of us is a lovely and unique product of God’s hand.”

With her daughter’s well-being in mind, one mother plans to teach her that she is more than just beautiful. With the birthmark Winry was born with, Nicole Hall learned that her baby had an extremely rare genetic condition known as congenital melanocytic necessitis (CMN). She has a unique quality that sets her apart from other 13-month-olds.

There were first signs of an injury when they first brought the child to Hall, who originally mistook it for an injury. Her spouse and she both realized right away that it wasn’t an injury. She also felt it looked like a mole, in keeping with the name.

For example, CMN can manifest as light brown to black patches, can present in various ways, and can cover nearly any size region or part of the body, according to a report by Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Dr Harper Price and Marseille Medical Genetics’ Dr Heather Etchevers for the National Organization for Rare Diseases.

While her daughter had CMN, Hall utilized social media to raise awareness of the disease and educate others that being “special” is a positive trait.

It’s rare for anyone to see a birthmark like hers, which is why I like discussing it with others, Hall said. “Parents who have a kid that looks like Winry or has any kind of birthmark will be interested to see how their child is depicted,” says the author, “since they can see how children vary.”

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia said that Winry’s diagnosis might put her at an increased risk of developing melanoma. When it came to the prospect of getting cancer, Hall was more concerned about how much she would be bullied as she got older.

By taking additional care to protect her skin, Hall maintains she is still on top of things.

Prior to anything else, we must make sure Hall is happy and healthy. She needs sunscreen to protect her from the sun’s harmful rays. Caps and other little objects frighten her. The dermatologist will be our best friend as we grow older, she believes.

According to Winry’s mother, her personality is what makes her unique. “She just emanates happiness,” he says. Every time I see her, she’s either chuckling or yelling. When I first saw her, she was the happiest baby I had ever seen. She’s already a great talker, and she’s just getting started. She says it like it is and is already getting a little sassiness, so I suppose we’ll have a lot on our hands even though we haven’t said anything yet.

Having a significant TikTok following has enabled Hall to meet people from all around the globe who share her kid’s background.

Hall continued, “We need to speak to a few Brazilians who have birthmarks.” They have one that is almost similar to Winry’s and chatting to her since she is almost my age has been a lot of fun.

A great example of how to have a happy outlook even when things don’t go as planned.

Be joyful and bring happiness to everyone around you!