Rancher buys fallen officer’s squad car for $60,000, hands the keys to officer’s son

When Tanner Brownlee was 15, he lost his father, a police officer, Sam Brownlee. The death of Tanner’s father in 2010 had left Tanner unable to overcome his sadness, and he had held on to the mementoes of his father.

A charity auction in Greeley, Colorado, contained Tanner’s father’s old police cruiser, and one day Tanner heard about it. Rather than being a piece of personal property, Tanner regards his car as a priceless relic of a past life. Tanner would feel more connected to his father, whom he had never met before in getting the vehicle.

The motorbike jacket and other memorabilia belonged to Tanner when his father died. Upon hearing about the auction, he was excited. The auction is being organized by the Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS), an interesting coincidence. The families of police officers slain in the line of duty are supported financially by this charity.

Tanner was adamant about getting the classic Dodge Charger and put up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for it.

According to Tanner, “Just whatever I can acquire means a lot to me” in an interview.

Some individuals were sympathetic to Tanner’s plight and contributed to his fund-raising efforts, which resulted in a final sum of over $3,500. He’ll do everything to get the automobile that belonged to his late father.

“I believe it would be a great pleasure to possess such a unique automobile for him or his younger brother,” he remarked.

Because there may be other bids out there, the sum does not ensure that he will acquire his father’s automobile.

The auction was to take place on the scheduled day. The automobile was originally valued at $12,500 in the Kelly Blue Book by the auction’s organizers. Tanner stayed upbeat, despite the huge amount of money at stake. However, outbidders in the auction increased the price of the automobile by tens of thousands of dollars!

When outbidders kept increasing their bids, Tanner was left feeling utterly heartbroken. Steve Wells, a rancher, paid a stunning $60,000 for an ancient Dodge Charger.

During Tanner’s time of mourning, an unexpected event occurred! A high bidder named Wells approached Tanner and handed him the keys.

“Tanner. It’s here,” Wells answered, hurriedly handing him the keys.

While getting the keys, Tanner seems stunned and teary-eyed in the video. To show that he cared, Wells held Tanner tight.

Until that day, Tanner had never met Steve Wells. As a result, Tanner will never forget the kind and kind guy who granted him his lifelong dream.

“This is just enormous. Although my father and I constructed a fence and other things, having a vehicle that I can use and travel in that he once drove means a lot, Tanner said.