Struggling veteran who devotes his life to helping others receives well-deserved reward at the grocery store

Sadly, a significant number of returning veterans face difficult circumstances. If a soldier has not served for a specific period of time, the benefits they get upon their return are often insufficient for them to maintain their standard of living.

They met a veteran who was standing in line to buy dish soap and candy because they were paying for people’s food at a store in Las Vegas. Fox 5 Surprise Squad bought the veteran’s and other customer’s groceries.

Despite the fact that he was unable to afford the groceries he needed on a weekly basis, he volunteered to drive his disabled veteran friend Stephanie to the store.

Credit: Youtube/FOX5

Stephanie, who relied on a wheelchair for mobility, told the news reporter she had just spent her last $50 on groceries for herself and her dogs and that she had no clue where she would turn next. There was no way for Stephanie to see what was ahead.

Stephanie was overjoyed to hear that the reporter who led the Surprise Squad, Dave Hall, and his colleagues would be covering the cost of her groceries, and Dave was delighted to inform her about it. Stephanie was also overjoyed to receive the generous gift.

But at that moment, Dave took note of the guy who was standing behind her, and Stephanie proceeded to introduce her brother to the stranger.

After meeting one other at the same club, Stephanie’s husband and this guy, whose name was Larry Robeson, became friends. Larry Robeson was another veteran.

Credit: Youtube/FOX5

Since its inception 16 years ago, Larry’s organization Bones for Blankets has been dedicated to the charitable act of distributing blankets to homeless veterans. After the loss of his three brothers at the hands of hypothermia, he decided to found the club because he wanted to make certain that other homeless people would not have to go through the same tragedy of losing their lives while sleeping outdoors in the cold.

The big-hearted soldier said that Stephanie’s husband was a truck driver and spent a lot of time away from home, so he wanted to do all he could to help her out.

He said that no other veterinarian should have to experience what she is now through.

Dave would not allow the kind vet to leave the shop without purchasing any actual food items.

Credit: Youtube/FOX5

The veteran remarked I’m so grateful that you served us. We love the opportunity to earn your business now.

While walking through the supermarket with Larry, Dave waited for him to finish putting everything he wanted in his cart so they could continue talking.

Larry expressed his shock by saying, “This is just like overwhelming; I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 13.”

While the cashier was giving him the amount for his grocery bill of $278 and the squad was covering it, he remarked he had never had a food bill that high before while wiping his tears and expressing his gratitude.

One of the cashiers at the local Albertsons shop became emotional as she was so delighted to witness so many acts of random kindness. The store employees observed as the team assisted several other individuals in purchasing their goods.

Because he is having trouble of his own yet can still locate the means to provide blankets to homeless veterans, Larry deserves all the assistance he can obtain. He is really kind and generous.