Teen lifeguard delivers baby after mom goes into labor in the pool

Finding your way around the adult world of work as a teenager with your first job might be intimidating.

This Colorado adolescent received more than she bargained for when she found out she would be the one to help a lady through labour during her shift.

Credit: Denver7 via YouTube

Longmont, Colorado’s Natalie Lucas, then 18, was more mature and responsible than her friends, so she got a lifeguard job while still in high school. She understood that it was her duty to ensure the security of the pool patrons at all times.

She would be responsible for enforcing the pool’s safety policies and ensuring everyone felt secure while under her watch.

After three years on the job, Natalie was a seasoned lifeguard with the regulations down pat. While working the morning shift, she once saw a pregnant lady and her husband approach the pool area.

Credit: Denver7 via YouTube

Natalie did not think much about the possibility of a pregnant lady at the pool since she knew it was not entirely out of the question.

Tessa Rider and Matthew Jones were the proud parents of a new little bundle of joy. Tessa was uncomfortable, so she and her boyfriend came to the pool.

Because Tessa’s hip discomfort worsened after her due date had passed and was only relieved by swimming, she and her husband sought solace at the local swimming pool.

Credit: Denver7 via YouTube

Keeping Tessa’s pregnancy in mind, Natalie immediately saw that she seemed to be having difficulty.

It was then that the 18-year-old lifeguard recounted, “She had a [pool] noodle to try to release some stress from all that weight on the front of her, I’m guessing, and then she began crawling out of the pool… and I was like, okay, I need to go check to make sure everything’s okay there.”

Natalie approached and saw that Tessa had spilt her water on the pool deck. When her husband informed Natalie that his wife was in labour, Natalie quickly took action.

Credit: Denver7 via YouTube

As I approach, the husband, Matthew, announces, “We’re having the baby right now.” I respond, “Okay!” Natalie recalled, “Adrenaline starts pumping right then.”

Tessa was taking off her swimsuit as Matthew dialled 911 for assistance. At that point, Natalie saw that the baby had already begun to crown. She was taken aback by the couple’s composure in the face of the rapidly evolving situation.

I was aware of the need to maintain composure and be alert. I was surprised by the couple’s apparent calm in the face of such chaos. “I tried to keep my cool and be there for them the whole time, asking them questions and keeping their attention on the baby while making sure they were as relaxed as possible,” Natalie explained.

Quickly, Natalie sprang into action, rushing to the first aid kit and any other medical supplies she could find. To get more help, she got some towels and notified the front desk. The adolescent was concentrated entirely on the task at hand.

Natalie positioned Tessa so that she would be as relaxed as possible. When the newborn eventually came, Matthew was there to welcome him. The incident ended with the mother and child receiving prompt medical assistance after bystanders dialled 911.

Tobin Thomas Rider, born into a healthy family, automatically qualified for lifelong membership to the YMCA.

The couple couldn’t have done it without Natalie’s assistance in giving birth to their baby.

Toby wouldn’t have gotten as much of my attention as he did without Natalie there,” the new mother said.