Teen starts lawn care business to help stepfather pay for his adoption legal fees

According to Pender, Eric Jenkins, 36, has been Tyce Pender’s father figure since he was two years old. In 2010, he began seeing his mother, Marcy, and he proposed to her four years later.

My brother has always been supportive and has helped me with my studies, “Tyce stated.

Credit: facebook.com/Tyce Rey Diaz

The couple began talking about adopting Tyce and his 15-year-old brother, Tylee, two years after their marriage. However, they were fortunate enough to find a lawyer prepared to take the case on a contingency basis.

In spite of their good fortune, additional expected adoption legal expenses will need the family to fork out thousands of dollars.

Tierrianna, 14, wanted her parents to adopt her brothers and their stepsisters legally.

Credit: facebook.com/Tyce Rey Diaz

He said, “It is crucial because Eric teaches me respect, independence and what a man should be,” Tyce stated. “Eric is the person I want to live with if something happened to my mother.”

Adoption costs a lot of money, which is why Tyce volunteered to help out.

The adolescent recalled how his older brother Jayden, now 21, used to cut lawns for extra cash as a youngster.

A lawnmower would be no problem for Tyce as he once trimmed his grandmother’s grass with one. However, he claims to have seen the act in others.

Credit: facebook.com/Tyce Rey Diaz

When Eric learned about Tyce’s intentions to donate, he was moved.

“It’s my responsibility to take care of Tyce,” he stated. It is clear that he has a kind heart.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s excellent for him to do something, even if it doesn’t turn out to be profitable.” Marcy added, “We’re really proud of Tyce; he works so hard and has so many ambitions.”

Marcy surprised him with a $192 battery-operated lawnmower last month. He then posted a Facebook ad for his lawn service, Tyce & Company Lawn Service.

In the message, he added, “Hi, my name is Tyce.” When I was 14, my mother granted me a business loan so that I could buy a battery-powered lawn mower. Safety goggles and gloves are in my possession, and I’m hoping to locate some lawns to mow and maybe even maintain.”

Credit: facebook.com/Tyce Rey Diaz

On top of that, Tyce mentioned having a leaf blower and a rake and that he was accessible on weekends and certain afternoons throughout the school year.

Tyce’s first client was a lady called Sarah Larrabee, who lived in West Columbia.

In the meanwhile, Marcy sat in the vehicle and waited patiently for Tyce to complete his task.

It was a scary experience at; first, he said. That’s not to say that her yard wasn’t large.”

Credit: facebook.com/Tyce Rey Diaz

Tyce completed his first job in less than an hour.

A “nice kid” who was “pleasant and like, just so thrilled to be there and eager to have his first job,” Sarah said of Tyce’s service. “It went really beautifully,” she added.

When Tyce works after school and on the weekends to earn $400, he’s chopped around 16 yards so far. Because he does not yet have a formal pricing list, he relies on negotiating a reasonable rate with customers.

Credit: facebook.com/Tyce Rey Diaz

He intends to continue running his lawn-care company when he graduates from high school.

Eric and Marcy will pay most of the adoption expenditures, even if Tyce is helping. In his words, “I’m incredibly proud of Tyce.” “He’s a fine young man.”

Tyce may be contacted through Facebook or Instagram if you live in the region and are interested in hiring him.