The couple decided to marry despite their negative feedback, and they are now sharing their inspiring tale

After picking up her 13-year-old brother from basketball practice, Hannah met Donovan, and it was love at first sight.

At 16, Hannah approached Donovan, who was limping around on crutches after suffering an ankle injury during football practice and asked him for directions to the gym where her brother worked out.

I met my spouse on a cold fall night in Arizona. My 13-year-old brother was too cool to travel in the car with mom and dad, so I stepped in as his chauffeur when I was 16 years old and had just obtained my driver’s license. I headed to the high school where my brother’s club basketball practice was taking place to pick him up. I scoured the new campus in search of a gymnasium where I could wait for him until he returned from training. Donovan went up to me on crutches and with an ice pack as I approached a random doorway. His gorgeous grin and naturally curly black hair immediately drew my attention, despite his apparent distress. My observation of his limp prompted my question. A football injury had forced him to leave practice early, and he inquired about my purpose in the building when he learned that I wasn’t an official member of the university community. Because he recognized the red hair on my head, I said that I was searching for the gym to pick up my brother, and he immediately realized that my brother is the “red-headed child that is constantly here.” It wasn’t long before he showed me the way to the gym after we exchanged some seductive and subtle glances. Thanking him, Hannah told Love What Matters, and she said, “I’m so pleased I bumped into you, and it wasn’t only because of your instructions.”


In Starbucks a few weeks later, the two Arizonans sat down and spoke for hours.

While cleaning the floor around us, a barista remarked to us, ‘you guys must truly adore one other to have been here for so long chatting and not ordered another drink,’” we said on our Facebook page. “It seems like he had a point,” Hannah concluded.


It took Hannah almost a month to track Donovan down and invite me to the town’s massive Christmas tree for their first official date, which took place a few days later.

It all started off as a friendship, but after they graduated from high school and went their separate ways, the two-faced the final test of their relationship’s strength.

A non-refundable ticket to Montana, where Donovan has placed them back in each other’s path, and they were reminded of why they had fallen in love in the first place.

A week after his knee surgery, Donovan was waiting for Hannah outside the gate with his curly, black hair and attractive grin, as if they had been reunited in a dream.


They chose to be married at the age of 19 after realizing there was no one else they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with.

Even though so many people had warned me, “You’re going to regret this,” I was so sure. Even today, four years later, I’ve never been more confident in my decisions. Today, we give ourselves a pat on the back for listening to our hearts and not listening to anybody else’s. It’s not popular to get married at 19, but “it’s our unique love story,” said Hannah.


In the face of mistrust from loved ones, they decided to go forward with their plan.

“Even four years later, I’ve never been more certain about anything. “Today, we congratulate ourselves for following our emotions and not the opinions of others,” Hannah remarked.

“Wedding at the age of 19 was not fashionable, but it is our unique love story. “We’re not only getting old together; we’re growing up together.”


This couple’s tale is so inspiring because it shows that love can blossom at any age and that it can endure a lifetime. Couples all around the world look up to them, even at such a young age.

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