There were five children inside the burning house when the pizza delivery man stopped to save them

A heroic 25-year-old Indiana man is being praised for saving three teenagers and two little children from a blazing home fire.

Around 12:30 a.m., pizza deliveryman Nicholas “Nick” Bostic saw what seemed to be a minor fire in front of a two-story residence.

To obtain a better view of the situation, Nick came to a halt and placed his vehicle in reverse. He attempted to wave down another passing motorist since he didn’t have his phone with him at the moment.


When the Good Samaritan started yelling, he ultimately made his way inside the house. Internally, there was no smell of smoke or dim light. Despite the house’s appearance, it seemed to have been evacuated.

A group of four individuals came crashing down the stairs just as Nick continued to call to check if anybody inside could hear him.


David and Tiera Barrett, the children’s parents, had already departed for a date around 30 minutes earlier. When they discovered their house was on fire, their 18-year-old daughter woke up the other children in the house to get them out.

Then, Nick turned to exit with them out the back door and away from the burning house.

On ABC 7 Chicago, he said: “I asked them if anybody else was still in there… and they informed me that the 6-year-old was.”

The second level was Nick’s first stop after he urged everyone to wait there and dashed back inside to double-check. His method was to search every corner and crevice of every room thoroughly.


“As far as my mind could go,” he said. It was 110 percent of my effort to be there in time. As the smoke increased in intensity, it became more difficult to see… That night, I felt as if I had accepted that I would die right then. I don’t know how to describe it. A strange stillness prevailed, nevertheless. It’s only a matter of putting forth the effort.


Although he didn’t know how long he’d been searching, Nick said that it seemed like “forever.” Then, on the first level, he heard what sounded like weeping. At this point, he couldn’t see where the voice was coming from, so he wrapped a shirt over himself and began yanking into the dense cloud. Fortunately, he was able to locate the young lady.

After Nick had taken the child’s hand, he leaned her against his chest. He considered escaping by the front or rear doors, but the grey-black smoke obscured their visibility.

It wasn’t long before he saw some light coming from above. The only option to get out of here was via a second-floor bedroom’s open window, which he recalled seeing.


After hitting the window with his fist, Nick’s hand reacted by bouncing back. He went back for a second attempt and was successful in breaking the window.

The drop was too steep for him to see, but he knew they had no other option.

After jumping and landing on his right side, Nick suffered back, arm and ankle injuries as a result of the fall. To the surprise of everyone, the little child was “miraculously” unscathed despite the man’s best attempts to cushion her fall.

At 12:36 a.m., Nick is seen handing the child over to a police officer on a police video from that night. He screamed for help and inquired about the condition of the infant.

His arm was bleeding excessively, so cops placed a tourniquet and transported him to Franciscan Health Hospital in Lafayette. Later, he was sent to Eskenazi, an Indianapolis-based school.

Smoke inhalation and injuries to Nick’s arm from hitting the glass necessitated medical attention for the teen. Since then, he has been freed.

All of the home’s inhabitants were able to escape without significant injuries as well. Fortunately, EMTs who arrived at the site also saved the family’s dog, Buffy.

Nick and the people in their neighborhood saved the lives of David and Tiera’s children, and they are thankful to them. Purdue Exponent: “I actually informed him he’s now part of our family,” David said in an interview with the publication. So I asked him, and he enthusiastically agreed. We’ll invite him and his girlfriend around for supper after we’ve found a place to live.” Authorities think that the fire was ignited by ashes that had been dumped into a bucket on the porch before being totally extinguished.

When the Lafayette Aviators play Chillicothe Paints on August 2, a local hero will be recognized for his service to the community. You may donate to Nick’s GoFundMe account by purchasing tickets with the FUND2022 code.

There was also a Facebook campaign for Nick, and his cousin, Richard Stair, launched a second GoFundMe page for him.

Like he always stated, “It’s not like I’m some celebrity hero,” Nick said. In my opinion, I was in the right place at the right moment with the right person at the right time.

Police video from that night may be seen here.