Three boys rescue suicidal man about to jump off bridge, save his life

It is far too simple to lose confidence in the current condition of affairs. When we turn on the television in the morning or scan through the news headlines on our phones for breakfast, we see a lot of sorrow.

We could be forgiven for thinking that we’d solved most of the problems plaguing human civilization for as long as anybody wants to remember by this time and age.

Unfortunately, we haven’t, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of finding it if one so desires. Listening to the news, it may seem that the world is in disarray and that crime and bad behaviour are prevalent in our most powerful nations. But this isn’t always the case.

We at Newsmen are dedicated to bringing you all kinds of stories, both good and bad, but it can make our work a lot easier when we encounter touching events that can remind us that there are still good people out there.

We’re talking about ordinary people who go above and beyond to help others, who show amazing generosity and compassion not because they have to but because they want to.

With this in mind, three young lads, Devonte Cafferkey, Sammy Farah, and Shawn Young, are deserving of great recognition.

Teenagers are notorious for being so engrossed in their own worlds that they overlook much of what is going on around them. Most teenagers are excused for not accomplishing much but enjoying themselves since they are still learning about life as they grow up and are in a time of change.

Devonte, 13, Sammy, 14, and Shawn, 12, were fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right moment in 2018. Furthermore, they acted when it was necessary, and in doing so, they definitely saved the life of a guy who was about to die.

The three lads were apparently walking home from school when they noticed a 21-year-old man sitting on the brink of an overpass with a rope around his neck.

Unfortunately, the individual in issue was going to attempt suicide.

On the other hand, his guardian angels were not going to allow it.

“We spotted him on the other side of the bridge with a rope around his neck,” said the witness. Shawn recounted to Steve Harvey, “Then me and Sammy grabbed him and pulled him back.”

They also described how they kept talking to him in an attempt to persuade him to remain away from the edge.

“Were you scared about saying the wrong thing?” Steve questioned Sammy.

“I was concerned,” Sammy said. “I was in tears.” I don’t believe anyone will perish. We informed him that you are a father. Don’t do it; you’re still young.”

The comments were a desperate attempt at consolation, but the guy chose to jump nevertheless. Devonte, Sammy, and Shawn grabbed him and physically held him back from the cliff’s edge.

Carol, Shawn’s mother, claimed, “The man was passing out and getting heavier for them.”

Devonte and Sammy battled to restrain Shawn from killing himself as he phoned for aid. A life was saved when the authorities arrived just in time.

As expected, the youthful kids were lauded for their incredible bravery and fast thinking. The Royal Human Society presented all three with diplomas signed by none other than Queen Elizabeth II of England.

“I am really proud of all three of them; they are all excellent guys, and it’s great that they are being acknowledged for doing something good in the community,” Carol added.

“They were hanging about after school, and Shawn was asking them to hurry up.” Who knows what they would have encountered instead if they had lingered a little longer. They seemed destined to be there to assist him.”

Devonte, Sammy, and Shawn thank you. Knowing that there are still heroes among the younger generations thrills my heart.

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