Toddler with Down syndrome in Advertisement for Banana Republic’s New Baby CollectionBrands are finally taking the necessary steps to show that they are included

In this century fashion companies are growing rapidly and we have seen fashion companies move away from taking their usual model – attractive white women as their model and setting up a variety of models for their ads to attract their audience.

 One of them is people with disabilities.

Recently, Victoria’s unveiled their first model with Secret Down Syndrome, and now another brand is celebrating a milestone by launching their baby collection.

Banana Republic has included a baby boy with Down syndrome as a model in their latest ad.

“Banana Republic’s recently launched BR Baby collection is designed with the promise of being more consistent, more welcoming and more inclusive,” the company said in a statement to FOX 5 NY.

  “We want to celebrate diversity in all forms and in acting for BR Baby, we saw the perfect moment to move this forward. We are delighted to present this beautiful, loving child with his first modeling job.

 Very beautiful!

 The organization, which is committed to providing equal representation for people with disabilities in the media, said she was “thrilled” that people with disabilities spoke to the disabled community through their advertisements.

 “Therefore, when it comes to diversity, our community is often overlooked.

 The truth is, the disabled community is the world’s smallest minority and one in 5 families knows or loves someone with a disability. What we see in the world we live in is essential for our future. “

I hope one day it becomes routine, so if a brand ad includes someone with a defect it is not something we should celebrate, but something we expect.